Goldfish Lump

Goldfish lump on body could be simple to treat

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Goldfish lump is often caused by super saturated gases. These increased amounts of oxygen found in tap water are caused by the pressure needed to make it from point A to Z. If not eliminated, these tiny bubbles can cause a lot of issues with our fish. The goldfish ingests these gases and even breathes them in through the gills. The gases are not easily dispersed, and often cluster in pockets beneath the skin, looking much like tumors


Goldfish growths


If your goldfish has tumors, maybe it’s not really a tumor at all. Just like with people, warts are common with goldfish and Koi; a simple virus that’s easily cured by a salt remedy or garlic


Goldfish warts


Just like with people, goldfish can have tumors; some cancerous and some not. Some tumors form inside of the body where we can’t see them, but some form on the outside. Using the right remedy in water that is rich in mineral and oxygen levels, and who knows what can happen


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Goldfish tumor

You may know a vet that is willing to take a biopsy, however, even if you find out the tumor is malignant, treating cancer in a goldfish is not affordable. It’s difficult to find a vet that is willing or able to perform the task. Opt for the natural way by using natural remedies. Raise the water value of your aquarium or pond. Test KH, pH and GH in that order


Koi growths


Push parameters to the top of the comfort zone for optimum health. A part of pH, KH gives water the ability to support oxygen. The comfort zone is 100 to 140 ppm. Oxygen makes up the other half. You can buy an oxygen test kit, but it’s not necessary. If your KH value is at the high end of the comfort zone, and pH isn’t, oxygen levels are low


Learn about oxygenating water by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping


Koi lumps


Method of diffusion is how water becomes oxygenated. This is when surface movement pulls oxygen from the air above. If your goldfish house is enclosed, remove the lid or raise the flap. Point a fan so it skims the surface, pushing fresh air over it. Diffusion only works if the body of water is free of gases and clouds. Include a pond pump in your set up. Only a real pond pump provides the necessary action to oxygenate water


goldfish lump
Goldfish lump

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