Goldfish Swollen Gills

//Goldfish Swollen Gills

Goldfish Swollen Gills

Goldfish swollen gills and gasping

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Goldfish swollen gills is a serious ailment. Fish breathe by taking water in through their mouth, and then pushing it out through their gills. Oxygen is absorbed from water as it passes over an organ called the rake. Rake, in a manner of speaking is much like our lung. There are a few reasons goldfish may have inflamed gills.

Ammonia or carbonate mineral poisoning

Ammonia, a toxin created from waste burns fish. The sensitive internal parts of the gill quickly become inflamed. Carbonate mineral also burns fish, having the very same symptoms

Check for a stone

Goldfish has rapid gill movement

Ammonia and KH cause the gills to swell, restricting oxygen intake. Gills may also be swollen due to fungus, bad bacteria or parasite infection. In most cases, the water is low in oxygen because the fish house in enclosed and or the water isn’t moving properly; a bad combination

Goldfish overworking gills and mouth

Inflamed gills keep oxygen from entering the blood stream. Although it’s been said that goldfish can go up to 36 hours without oxygen, do you really want to see if it’s true? Most goldfish keepers are unaware of how to oxygenate their tank or pond water

Whichever the reason, your fish needs oxygen as soon as possible.

Goldfish suffering from oxygen deprivation spend more time at the top of the tank than the bottom; where they feel more comfortable. This is because the top, being close to the surface has more oxygen in the water. Learn how to oxygen water by reading and following the 10 Steps listed below

Test for ammonia, and learn more about it by reading about the nitrogen cycle in 10 Steps link below

goldfish swollen gills

Perform this life saving water change

Learn everything you can about your goldfish by studying the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Care


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