Goldfish cannot swim

//Goldfish cannot swim

Goldfish cannot swim

Goldfish cannot swim or lift from bottom

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Goldfish cannot swim or lift from bottom. If the fish is touching the bottom it could be affected by nitrates. Nitrates rob the blood of oxygen, and the increased pressure is relieved by the pressure of water, so the fish remains on the bottom where it is most comfortable. Test nitrate levels if the fish has no appetite. Goldfish effected by nitrates are able to lift and swim, however, the pain forces them back to the bottom Nitrate, the gentle giant

If nitrates are and have been in the comfort zone; 20 to 40 ppm, the fish is suffering from a sinking disorder

Goldfish stuck bottom

If a goldfish cannot swim, it may try to lift, but can’t seem to get off the bottom, it may have a sinking issue. When a goldfish is cannot rise from the bottom, it may not have enough food in it’s tract to keep the bladder functioning. The intestinal tract is connected to the swim bladder organ by a small tube where gas is exchanged. This gas is created from the waste your fish produce, and without it, the fish will be unable to lift, trapped on the bottom

You can test to see which issue is effecting your fish by touching it. If effected by nitrates, the fish will swim away

Goldfish cannot lift

Sinking issue will only worsen unless the goldfish gets food. A goldfish with a sinking issue cannot even lift at a 45 degree angle to feed. It cannot swim to catch falling food. It must be fed by hand

Goldfish cannot rise

When a goldfish is bouncing or bobbing around, and has no control of swimming, it may be suffering from constipation. An impacted tract traps Co2 in the bladder, keeping the fish from being able to sink to the bottom

goldfish cannot swim

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