Goldfish Swimming Circles

//Goldfish Swimming Circles

Goldfish Swimming Circles

Goldfish swimming circles or somersaults

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Goldfish swimming circles or somersaults have been affected by high nitrate levels. They swim in circles because their bodies are slightly bent due to the poisoning. Stuck in the position, they try in vain to fight the affects of the toxin. Nitrates rob the blood of oxygen, and as the blood thickens due to the loss, the pressure causes the fish to curl. Learn about nitrates, the end result of the nitrogen cycle, and how they can harm your fish

Goldfish swimming somersaults

Most new goldfish keepers are unaware of the nitrogen cycle; clueless to the toxins that will form and poison their fish. Experienced goldfish keepers that know about the cycle, may get lax on water changes. Without realizing it, levels climb. Before long the fish is pressed to the bottom and not eating. These are the first symptoms of nitrate poisoning. If levels are allowed to keep climbing, the final symptoms, curling and swimming in circles will follow soon after. Once the condition has progressed to this stage, we must go to great levels to bring the fish back to good health. In some cases, it’s just too late

Goldfish swimming circles

Many a fish will die from nitrate poisoning. The toxin is the least dangerous in low amounts, but when levels rise, so does the pressure in the fish’s body. You might notice they stop feeding or press to the floor of the tank or pond. You might notice they dig into the gravel to get lower and lower. This is due to the fact deep water relieves the pressure caused by nitrates. Nitrate poisoning is a painful condition

You might also notice that after a large water change to reduce high levels of nitrates, the fish’s condition worsens. This is because the water table was lowered, increasing the pressure inside the body

Goldfish swimming spirals

Causing similar symptoms, super saturated gases. SSG are found in tap water and created by pressure. The extreme amounts of oxygen fill a body of water, however, they are also absorbed into the fish’s bloodstream. Check to see if there are minuscule bubbles on the fish or the sides of the tank, if so, your fish is suffering from SSG

Supersaturated gases

goldfish swimming circles

Goldfish swimming strangely, in spirals or circles are suffering from nitrate poisoning. The last symptoms to show is curling to one side. As the fish tries to swim, it swims in a spiral, desperate to lay flat on the bottom, in an effort to relieve the pressure

perform 911 water change

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