Goldfish side bulging

//Goldfish side bulging

Goldfish side bulging

Goldfish side bulging symptoms and treatment

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Goldfish side bulging indicates an internal tumor or more than likely impacted eggs. If the symptoms are accompanied with floating at a 45 degree angle nose down; if the fish is alone or with only one or two other fish, it could be a female. Females develop eggs with or without the presence of males. When the eggs are fully developed, she emits a hormone that encourages the male to pursuit her. This pursuit involves a long and hard chase that doesn’t end until the female collapses from exhaustion. The males then rubs and bumps against her causing the eggs to release. The eggs are then fertilized by the male

Goldfish floating 45 degree angle

If the female is alone or with other females she may become impacted. Goldfish swim in schools in the wild, and when in captivity, even one male may not be enough to help the female complete the spawning event. If the female is strong and fast, it will take more than one male to get the job done. As one tires, another fish will takes its place in the pursuit

Goldfish swollen one side

You can determine the sex of your goldfish by examining the vent, located just beneath the tail fin. Females have swollen vents, whereas males have flat ones. If a female fish is alone or with no males, adding a pond pump to your set up may be the solution. Pond pumps sit on the bottom of the floor. They shoot a jet stream to the surface. This same jet stream designed to oxygenate water also helps to release eggs. Impacted females quickly learn the jet stream reduces the pressure she’s feeling

goldfish side bulging

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