Goldfish Koi Health Issues

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Goldfish Koi Health Issues

Goldfish Koi health issues and ailments

Goldfish Koi health issues may be caused by a variety of reasons. The water quality may be poor; low in oxygen and or mineral value. Issues may be related to toxins produced in the nitrogen cycle, or improper feeding habits. Whatever your fish’s issues, copy and past the questions below into your post, and answer each one if possible, and we’ll advise accordingly. Thanks for sharing with goldfish emergency

Goldfish Koi health issues

Cut and paste the following questions in your post
If you don’t know the answer, that’s okay, write N/A

  1. What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates
  2. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)
  3. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?
  4. Is your fish house enclosed?
  5. What and how often do you feed?
  6. Describe maintenance routine
  7. Have you used medications or salt recently?
  8. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?
  9. Describe behavior and or symptoms
  10. How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?

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pineconing and red blotches

What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates I used 9 in 1 test strips all was normal except the pH was only 6.2. I added API proper pH 7.0 4 days ago and raised the ph to 7 Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations) I have a 10 gal standard glass tank with Aqueon water filter and pump, two artificial decorations mad for aquariums [...]

Goldfish has gotten swollen, losing ability to swim upright.

My Goldfish, Sponge Bob is about 5 years old, its went from a fry rescue to a somewhat regular-sized goldfish that jumped out of the tank twice in its lifetime, once in its infancy that I was able to toss back in right away, the second time it jumped out it was during the winter of 2017 where I found it on the floor for an unknown amount of time on the floor when I [...]


Hi there! Fanny has a small abscess above her right eye. I'm thinking salt bath? She was last salted a few months ago when she had fin rot on her tail. She's still my only fish, so could do the tank, but that's probably overkill, do you think? For the bath, is it one tblspn peer 10 gals water? And 3 minutes? Hope all is well with you, Venus. Cricket

Sick Oranda

Sick Oranda laying on bottom Sick Oranda. Hello everyone. We have 5 goldfish in a 75 gallon tank. 2 of our fish are Orandas….both about 2.5 years old. We do water changes weekly (or more often as needed) and all parameters are spot on...using a master test kit always. About 3 weeks ago, one of the Orandas (Edward) started floating at the top of the the dead man's float. He's usually active, happy [...]

My Golden Friend

Seven years ago now, I brought home my Oranda Goldfish. After finally convincing my parents that I was responsible enough to have a pet fish, my dad and I made our way to Pets at Home, where we purchased all the necessary equipment and proceeded to pick out a fish. Before we could take a fish home- an employee asked us a few questions: how long we’d had the tank set up for, whether [...]

Effects of Phosphates on Goldfish

Effects of phosphates on goldfish can lead to organ failure In the past I've written about organ failure, and the various substances that lead to the condition, however, I've recently learned that phosphates can also be included on the list. Most of us have phosphorus in our tap water, and most of use tap water as our freshwater source for our fish Phosphates may be higher in some regions due to the mineral being [...]

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