About ammonia

About Ammonia, learn everything you can

About ammonia, the key toxin in the nitrogen cycle and nature’s wonder as well. Ammonia is created by the waste our goldfish produce. It’s the food source for beneficial bacteria. These are the friendly bugs that begin the nitrogen cycle. Without the nitrogen cycle, there would be no life in our natural bodies of water. All too often goldfish keepers work against the formation of the cycle; a big mistake

Capable of burning our fish, this toxin demands our respect

  • Ionized ammonia

Molecules that make up ammonia are too large for beneficial bacteria to consume. Ammonia breaks down into smaller molecules in healthy water, or ionizes; meaning to become soluble. Ionized ammonia is a tempting food source for beneficial bacteria

Friendly bugs need enzymes found in healthy waste to make the conversion from ammonia to nitrite. The same is true of the friendly bugs that feed on nitrites. These microorganisms also need enzymes to get their job done. Enzymes give beneficial bacteria the ability to consume and convert ionized ammonia into nitrites

Enzymes initiate change

The greater the amount of enzymes, the faster the conversion rate

  • Ammonia is a byproduct of waste

Enzymes are found only in healthy waste of healthy animals. Goldfish keepers have tried to create fish free cycles using decaying matter, however, it fails every time. Ammonia is sure to make its presence known, although that’s as far as the cycle goes

About ammonia

Fish burned by ammonia are at high risk of developing inflamed gills and severe burns

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about ammonia

The fish in the photo above was severely burned by ammonia. It’s gold coloration first showed a blanket of white, that turned black during the healing process

Use Aloe Remedy to heal, soothe burns and reduce swelling


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