Sick Oranda

Sick Oranda

Sick Oranda laying on bottom

Sick Oranda. Hello everyone. We have 5 goldfish in a 75 gallon tank. 2 of our fish are Orandas….both about 2.5 years old. We do water changes weekly (or more often as needed) and all parameters are spot on…using a master test kit always. About 3 weeks ago, one of the Orandas (Edward) started floating at the top of the tank…like the dead man’s float. He’s usually active, happy and always moving about. Then, he started laying at the bottom of the tank in an almost comatose state. He only comes out to eat…I hand feed him. While out, he does swim around a little. His wen has grown over his one eye and we’re thinking maybe it’s the reason he’s not hiding and retreating. We’ve asked everyone at every high end pet store and they all say as long as he’s eating not to worry. But, we’re very worried and so sad for our little guy. He’s really lifeless most of the time. I try to nudge him out and get his to swim about for a little but I don’t want to upset him more or scare him. So, yes he’s eating and able to swim a little bit but that’s it. Any advice would be so much appreciated…we’re here at a loss. No fish vets near us or we’d be there. He’s obviously very compromised at this point and we’re just wanting to get some opinion/advice/suggestion. Ty so much.

Sick Oranda

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  1. Venus October 7, 2019 at 5:40 am

    Hi ya catlady

    Pain? No, but discomfort due to vision loss. I have seen cases where the wen grows so large, it covers the gills, which of course keeps the fish from getting oxygen. Sadly, most goldfish die before maturity due to ignorance in the industry, so the fish keeper doesn’t encounter the issue. If you’re Oranda lives long enough to develop overgrown wen issues, kudos

  2. catlady October 6, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Sorry your poor fish is sick. Too bad they can’t tell us what’s wrong. I hope the wen isn’t causing any pain. Could this happen Venus?

  3. Venus October 6, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    Floating issues are caused by constipation, or a slow moving tract. The intestinal tract of the fish is connected to the swim bladder organ by a small tube where gas is exchanged. The waste in the tract creates this gas, Co2 or carbon dioxide. When the tract slows, gas can become trapped in the bladder, causing the fish to rise or float. You may see it struggle to get to the bottom, but when it stops trying, it floats aimlessly to the surface again

    Is this what you noticed?

    If a fish is unable to get oxygen, you’ll see it at the surface gasping, but it has full function of rising and lowering

    When you say spot on test results, it sounds good, but spot on to you could be very different as spot on to me. What are the results? High nitrate levels cause a fish to bottom sit, but too large of a water change does the same. You see, nitrates get high towards the end of the week, or right before a water change. The fish keeper removes a large portion of water, which changes the pressure the fish feels. If the water is high in nitrates, so is the blood of the fish. I call this nitrate shock. Most fish recover quickly from nitrate shock, depending on the size of the water change, how long it was in shallow water, and just how high the toxin levels were

    If you believe the fish hasn’t experienced high nitrates or nitrate shock, it’s likely the fish developed a bit of s sinking disorder. This is when there isn’t enough food in the tract to produce enough Co2 for the bladder to function. This sometimes happens after constipation has passed (pun intended) It’s not easy for fish with floating issues to feed properly

    Would love to see a pic of the fish. Large wens can obstruct swimming, and even weigh a fish down, but considering the floating issue, this probably isn’t the case. I doubt there’s a connection. A product of man’s messing with nature, these types of fish need a wen trim now and then. Do you think you’re up for it? It’s pretty much like cutting hair or fingernails. If not, you may know someone that would tackle the task

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