Hi there! Fanny has a small abscess above her right eye. I’m thinking salt bath? She was last salted a few months ago when she had fin rot on her tail. She’s still my only fish, so could do the tank, but that’s probably overkill, do you think? For the bath, is it one tblspn peer 10 gals water? And 3 minutes?

Hope all is well with you, Venus.


  1. I just have to say Venus has been so amazing helping us (relentlessly) with our fish issues…especially our deathly ill Oranda. He had hole in the head disease and was truly dying in front of us. The pet stores offered their best advice but were also saying it WASN’T hole in the head at all….they were so wrong. Once connecting with Venus we came to understand all of what was happening and following her advice to the letter made all the difference. She saved our Edward’s life! She was with us every step of the way in our journey to bring little Edward back from the brink of death. Today, Edward is so much better and swimming again and slowly regaining all his strength…..completely healed of head in the hole infection. Unheard of really! We can’t thank her enough….ever. She’s so knowledgeable, kind, caring and willing to help….such a rare find. Thank you to this site (so exceptional) and to Venus for her commitment to helping us and giving it her all. The organic treatments we purchased (at her suggestion) were amazing and so therapeutic and healing for all our fish. We’re about to read the book “the organic fish” which we also purchased. Thank God for this site and for Venus…and all the others who are here willing and wanting to help us fish keepers!!

  2. That’s the remedy, which is more concentrated, but if you make tea at home, just brew a cup, let it cool, and pour it in

    The fish are doing well; knock on wood. lol

    1. Got it. Thanks! You know, Fanny seems to like being the only fish. She has her routines, stays busy except for her mid afternoon nap lol and generally seems quite happy.

  3. Thank you! I have mint in the tank. First thing I did. But I did an ounce or two per 10 gals. Isn’t that what you used to recommend? Is a cup per better?

    Hoping your fishies are well, too!

  4. I would give her a salt bath using one tablespoon of sea salt in a gallon of water (5 minutes) then pour the bath in the tank. The bad bugs are in the water, and that’s why she’s getting infected. I prefer the sea salt because it contains valuable minerals that will benefit

    This is a trace amount that won’t harm delicate fish

    During or after the salt treatment, add mint herbal tea; one cup for every 10 gallons of tank water. Keep the teas going, switching from mint to white tea, and from white tea to goldenseal with every water change. Add a tea with every weekly water change to boost the immunity of the fish, and help destroy those bad bugs. The teas are really amazing

    All is well Cricket

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