pineconing and red blotches

//pineconing and red blotches

pineconing and red blotches

What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates
I used 9 in 1 test strips all was normal except the pH was only 6.2. I added API proper pH 7.0 4 days ago and raised the ph to 7

Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)
I have a 10 gal standard glass tank with Aqueon water filter and pump, two artificial decorations mad for aquariums and natural rock pebbles

How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?
My goldfish is about 5 to 6 inches long

Is your fish house enclosed?
My aquarium has a lid but there is an opening for the pump

What and how often do you feed?
I feed one time per day Aqueon goldfish granules about 6. Also I have 4 white cloud minnows that I feed Aqueon tropical flakes , just a pinch

Describe maintenance routine
I change 3 to 5 gal of the water every 7 to 11 days

Have you used medications or salt recently?
6 days ago I used Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy every other day for a total of three treatments

Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?

Describe behavior and or symptoms
My fish has been acting normal as far as I can tell

How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?
I have had my goldfish for 7 years and he has been in this 10gal tank for about 6 months. Before that he had a 5 gal tank

I tried to upload a picture but it says its to many pixels


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  1. Venus May 8, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    After seeing the photo, I would say septicemia isn’t the problem. It looks more like gallbladder or spleen issues, or organ failure. This diagram shows where the organs are located

    Follow the same directions to improve the quality of the water, and definitely stop the medication you’re using, as this will injure the organ further

    Let’s work on that diet. Goldfish should be fed several small meals a day, and fed a variety that includes food high in roughage. Try feeding toasted wheat germ, blanched spinach, and shelled soft peas daily. Feed only a very small portion of flakes

    Your fish needs excellent water, combined with an excellent diet

    Perform 30% daily water changes to remove the meds. If you don’t have on hand, pick up a master test kit, and test for ammonia and nitrite to check on the cycle. The last thing you need now is a spike

  2. catlady May 8, 2021 at 7:08 pm

    Uh oh. I see trouble brewing in the near future. Your fish could be looking at those minnows as lunch or supper because goldfish will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. They just can’t help themselves. Sorry to hear about your fishy, and I hope it gets better real soon.

  3. Venus May 8, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    Your fish is suffering from blood poisoning, better known as septicemia. This condition can be brought on by numerous causes that can be difficult to determine, but in this case, it’s obvious from your details description of your set up and care. Much appreciated

    A pH reading of 6.2 is too close to a pH crash for comfort. This parameter reads both alkalinity (KH) and oxygen (02) which can make it difficult to determine if the crash is due to low alkalinity or low oxygen levels, or maybe both

    One way to tell is to test the pH in your freshwater source. Most of use tap water, which is typically recommended unless you’ve got some bad water for some reason. R.O. or distilled should only be used if you’re prepared to buffer mineral values, that are important, and even detrimental to the health of the fish. These minerals are calcium and magnesium (GH) and carbonate mineral (KH). The latter provides alkalinity to water. The opposite of alkaline is acidic, and when KH is too low, acid values are too high. Carbonate mineral gives water the ability to support oxygen

    Test, and then post pH value of freshwater source, and let us know if you’re using tap or some other source. In some cases tap water is filtered, making it too soft to support the life of our fish

    Goldfish need a KH value of roughly 120 ppm with a GH value of 200 to 400 ppm

    Here’s a method to determine if your pH is low because of low oxygen levels. Using a pitcher, push it deep into the aquarium filling it. Bring it up, and then pour it back in. Repeat this process several times. Test pH before and after to compare results. If the pH jumps after the procedure, your water is low in oxygen. If the pH is the same

    The pitcher method removes Co2 (gas created from fish waste) from water as well as pulling oxygen into the water from the air above. This gas takes up space keeping oxygen from entering. Water is oxygenated by method of diffusion. This happens as moving water pulls oxygen into the body of water. If the water is rich in alkalinity and free of gas, it will become oxygenated

    Remove the top of your tank, so the entire surface is exposed to fresh air. Opening a window helps

    Reduce the temperature of the tank water by chilling it in the fridge. Lower temps from 50 to 55f. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt goldfish or the other fish. They’re all cold blooded, and thrive in cold water, fast moving water

    I recommend installing a pond pump. They sit on the bottom, pulling Co2 in, and then push it to the surface where it’s eliminated. Pond pumps also create a lot of surface action. Only a real pond pump provides the right kind of movement to oxygenate water

    Have you read the 10 Steps? Follow each step faithfully, and this will lead you to a health ecosystem

    I would stop the medical treatment asap, as it could break the cycle, and push the fish over the edge. These chemicals are hard on the environment, and even harder on the fish

    After you think most of the meds are out of the water, and if the fish is still with you, consider an organic treatment. I recommend this one.

    Keep us posted on your progress

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