pineconing and red blotches

What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates
I used 9 in 1 test strips all was normal except the pH was only 6.2. I added API proper pH 7.0 4 days ago and raised the ph to 7

Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)
I have a 10 gal standard glass tank with Aqueon water filter and pump, two artificial decorations mad for aquariums and natural rock pebbles

How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?
My goldfish is about 5 to 6 inches long

Is your fish house enclosed?
My aquarium has a lid but there is an opening for the pump

What and how often do you feed?
I feed one time per day Aqueon goldfish granules about 6. Also I have 4 white cloud minnows that I feed Aqueon tropical flakes , just a pinch

Describe maintenance routine
I change 3 to 5 gal of the water every 7 to 11 days

Have you used medications or salt recently?
6 days ago I used Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy every other day for a total of three treatments

Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?

Describe behavior and or symptoms
My fish has been acting normal as far as I can tell

How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?
I have had my goldfish for 7 years and he has been in this 10gal tank for about 6 months. Before that he had a 5 gal tank

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