Goldfish with I think empacted eggs

I have a 240 gal tank with 4 fancies, 2 boys 2 girls. Before Christmas one of the girls was experiencing buoyancy problems floating 45′ with tail up, this went away then soon after I found some baby fry. I didn’t see the eggs I guess most were eaten. I now have 2 baby goldfish in a separate 90 gal tank and they are doing very well and growing quickly.

Not long after the girl started to get the same 45′ floating and was also being harassed by the boys (spots on gills) so I guessed she had another load of eggs.

But since then her problems have been getting worst and worse. she started bulging on one side and starting to sink. Now she is mostly lying on the bottom of the tank. she can wiggle swim a little when she wants, but other wise just lays there. She has a protruding lump one side that’s fairly firm to the touch.

She kept being hassled by the boys even in this state, and nothing happened, so I have moved her into the tank with the babies.

A, N and N all 0, PH 7.5. external filter on the large tank. Feed adults Japan gold, peas and bloodworms, Babies are on liquify powder and no 1, first bites and baby daphnia.
I’m doing weekly 1/3 water changes on both tanks.

Any suggestions very welcome on how to treat her.