Koi OMG given to me by grandsons

My grandson’s decided I should have another goldfish, only they brought me a Koi. It’s only 3 inches long, but OMG, Koi average three inches a year. It would break their little hearts if I took it back or re-homed it. I’m stuck with this fish

I’ve never been a big fan of Koi. They look ornery, and they have bad attitudes. Funny thing is, there was a spawning just a few days after the new fish arrived. I didn’t see the chase though, so not sure who was chasing who, however, the new guy is much too small to develop eggs. Time will tell. Maybe some day I’ll have Moor Koi. LOL

I won’t be Koi, there may be a pond in my future. Imagine having a big beautiful pond in your backyard. Ponds are less work than indoor fish houses thanks to Mother Nature

Getting the new fish has given me the incentive to work on my stock tank. I filled it up with water, and dropped a pond pump in it after treating for chlorine. I’m adding old tub water to the tank after every water change. I don’t care if the pump cycles, but it would be nice to get the algae started up

The old stock tank will need to be set up sooner rather than later. Even though the Koi is small now, it’s swimming circles around the other fish. I was worried it would take a leap out of the tub, but so far so good

At first the fish weren’t getting along. My big fish were scared of the new guy, and he could smell their fear. He’s really enjoyed the fact

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  1. Cricket May 17, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Whoa! Now that was a surprise!

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