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Goldfish Koi chat is a place for lighthearted goldfish chat

Goldfish Koi chat is a place we can meet and chat about our goldfish. Goldfish keepers love talking about goldfish, however, our non goldfish keeper friends and family get tired of the topic. Here, we can go on and on without getting a sigh or an eye roll. The hobby quickly becomes an obsession. Some of us can’t get enough

We love our goldfish, and we want to learn everything about them, even so, we also enjoy telling someone about the water spill or the fish that hovers over the jets. Maybe we don’t carry photos of them in our wallets, but they’re always on our mind

We keep goldfish for different reasons, but when it comes down to it, we’re all passionate about our fish. Goldfish, just like our other pets develop personalities. The bashful goldfish hides when we have visitors, however, the outgoing goldfish is curious, and enjoys getting their attention

Goldfish bond to their tank mates as well as their keepers. They have a wide range of emotions

Goldfish loosing color

By | 2019-06-24T20:13:28-05:00 June 24th, 2019|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat|

Hi everyone, Hope you all are well. It's been a few weeks since I dropped in. One of my bug eyed goldfish was pure black. Over the past few months it's loosing color and turning golden color. Is this normal? I think the name of the breed is fantail. The other one just like it doesn't seem to be changing. Do you think one could be a female and one a male? I hope so. Maybe I'll get lucky

Lone Fish

By | 2019-05-15T19:31:12-05:00 May 15th, 2019|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat|

I'm amazed by how well Fanny is doing alone in my 50 gal tank. This is the first time in her life (of 8 years) she's been alone and she's active and going about her usual business of picking at the algae scrubber, swimming all over the tank and riding the jets like she hasn't noticed. And she's GROWING! She gets all the food! I don't plan to leave her in there alone forever, but it's nice to see her happy while I figure out what I'm doing.

Story of Babies

By | 2019-04-19T19:22:22-05:00 April 19th, 2019|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat|

In Dec 2018 one of my fancy goldfish started be having oddly, she was struggling to keep upright, she would float with her tail up but only towards the end of the day, then sleep at pretty much 90' in the night. She was also being chased by the two males who had white spots on their gills, so guess this was mating behaviour. After a time this all stopped and the female fish got back to normal, so didn't think more about it. Then a few march I noticed a tiny baby fish in my tank! So the much have mated. I didn't see the eggs. It's a very heavily planed tank. and I guess most of the eggs/fry were eaten. But luckly one survived. I got a net enclose and put the baby in there to protect in. Then a couple of day later I spotted a second baby. I looked round but really couldn't see any more. After a week or so in the net I set the babeis up with a new 90l tank. Video here: Since then the have been growing quite a it, but still retain their silver colour. Here is a video a month later: I'm waiting to see what happens when they get their colour. Mum is a schubunkin and the dad could either be an orange pearlscale. or a red and white ryukin. I'm guesing from their shape so far that the ryukin is dad.

Natural Remedies VERSES Meds

By | 2020-08-05T17:50:02-05:00 June 23rd, 2017|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat|

Natural Remedies verses Meds no contest Natural remedies verses meds; hands down, the latter wins almost every time. Our society has been relying on medicines ever since penicillin was discovered, and from there the field has exploded. Medicinal vaccinations once saved our children from the dreaded disease, Polio. From there, other deadly illnesses were practically wiped out due to simple vaccinations. Our society was brain washed early on by the fact, and has become solely dependent on medications ever since It's true that these same vaccinations have killed a few, however, the percentage is small by comparison Today there are drugs for anything and everything that ails you, and sometimes they even work, if they don't kill you first. We've all seen the advertisements on television for these prescriptions, and at the end of the commercials, if you listen closely, you'll hear the warnings. The risk is real, yet, for some reason, the majority of the masses rely on them for good health. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the world Have you ever wondered what medicines actually are? Most come from the heart of the rain forest in Brazil, however, chemists have learned how to reproduce and substitute most of these magical qualities found in plants with chemicals. Now they're able to sell to the masses, instead of the few Natural remedies verses meds Our love of the drug doesn't stop with humans. Our pets are bestowed the same honor. One of the largest industries in the animal kingdom is treatment for pests and parasites. This same courtesy is bestowed to our fish as well. The pet shop shelves are lined with treatments that kill parasites and destroy bad bugs, as well as those that cure dropsy and nitrate poisoning. The list goes on. The only problem; they inadvertently destroy the immunity of the environment as well as the fish, all too often pushing them over the edge Most sick fish suffer from poor water quality. Add chemicals to sick water, and what you get are sicker or dead fish The beauty of natural treatments; parasites can be destroyed as the health of the water and the health of the fish is enhanced. The affects of nitrate poisoning can be reduced if not eliminated by oxygenating water and improving the quality of the blood. There are no chemicals that stake that claim; no chemicals that can relieve the affects of burns caused by ammonia poisoning. These are just a few of the ailments out of the hundreds that can be cured by using natural remedies Natural remedies verses meds Fact is, there is no disease that cannot be treated successfully with natural substances; even cancer Medications sold at pet shops are actually dangerous chemicals that can and will destroy the natural environment in our fish houses, but can kill our fish as well. Most diseases are preventable by feeding high quality foods proportionately and by creating an environment rich in minerals with heavily oxygenated water The fish [...]

Easy Pickins

By | 2020-08-06T00:52:13-05:00 June 15th, 2017|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat|

Easy pickins our goldfish and Koi Easy pickins, the fish in our pond. Our goldfish and Koi are prey fish. The creatures that stalk them come in all shapes and sizes. They walk on land, they fly and they also swim with our fish. We can fence in our ponds and cover them with nets. We can set up deterrents of all kinds, but it's easier to build a pond that's predator proof Herons are at the top of the list of predators for Koi, being the largest of the fish kept in captivity. They grow up to 3' in length. It takes a really big pond to support a school of Koi, and these ponds are easy to spot from the sky. Smaller predators may have difficulty hauling off the big fish to a safe place to eat, however, they will try Heron's nemesis is the raven; ravaging their nests, devouring their eggs and their young. The very sight of a raven sends heron flying off in a different direction. Add a statue or silhouette of the infamous black bird to your pond decor to keep your fish safe Goldfish are more likely prey for ground predators. Their ponds are typically smaller, so it's less likely heron will spot them, and if they do, the small fish are just a light snack to tide them over until they get to the next Koi pond Koi predators Neighborhood cats are always on the prowl, and the sound of moving water beacons them. They must feel like a mountain lion as they make their way down to the watering hole. Thankfully, few are willing to reach too far down into the water, and if by accident they fall in, they'll make a quick and embarrassing exit. Motion detected sprinkler systems detour cats easily Raccoons are a different story; they enjoy the water, and a tasty meal is so worth getting wet. In order to discourage these crafty critters, the water table must be well below the top of the pond by a good 12" to 16" This same distance also works for cats as well as most other animals. Raising the ridge also keeps fish in the pond during the spawning season. Build up from the top of your pond with stone if possible Easy pickins Terrapins and water turtles are not above snagging a goldfish or small Koi. Many of the species are nocturnal, making our fish easy prey while they sleep. You might spot them during the day, but chances are they're dug in somewhere, getting some shuteye. You would be surprised to find out what's swimming in your pond while you sleep. There are many snakes that are comfortable in and out of the water, and during the summer, many of them become nocturnal to avoid the heat. Sleeping fish are an easy catch for water snakes, and the rocks around your pond make them feel right at home Make your stone slither proof by securing gaps [...]

pH undefined

By | 2020-08-05T08:02:35-05:00 June 11th, 2017|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat, Goldfish Koi Maintenance|

pH undefined as potential of hydrogen pH undefined by the so called experts is one of the most controversial topics in the industry, and the most misunderstood. It always has been and will be in debate, but how does it affect us as fish keepers? A great deal of the information found online has been copied from one fish site to another, leading fish keepers to believe misconceptions on the subject. What is potential of hydrogen? It's known as; a measure of hydrogen ion concentration; a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Sounds complicated because it is Why we use pH as a measurement in the fish industry is unknown, unnecessary and even dangerous Don't rely on the industry for accurate information. If you read the instruction manual in a master drop test kit, you'll see they refer to pH as being responsible for alkalinity; untrue Most fish keepers test pH regularly, however most of them test in vain, lacking the full understanding of it's meaning. Potential of hydrogen is not actually a parameter, although we could consider it to be the parent of two. Carbonate mineral (KH) and oxygen (O2) make up the value of pH when it comes to fish keeping. Carbonate mineral gives water the power to support the oxygen molecule. Without it, water would be lifeless. This parameter alone is responsible for alkalinity, not pH as a whole, but as a part of it. The misunderstanding comes from the rise in pH when alkalinity is buffered In order to fully understand pH, we must examine both KH and O2 individually Many fish will be poisoned by carbonate mineral because pH tests reveal low levels. Bicarbonate of soda will be used to increase these readings, when all the while, O2, or lack of it is responsible for dragging pH down. Test your freshwater source; pH should be very close to the same as your tank or pond water. Higher pH readings in tap water indicate oxygen levels in the fish house are low Low pH readings in tap water indicate low KH levels; as tap water is always oxygenated. Perhaps your home or your city water is filtered pH undefined It's said that some fish require lower or higher pH readings, although this isn't actually true. What they should say is various kinds of fish need various KH readings according to their origin. Unfortunately, KH requirements are difficult to trace due to this same misunderstanding. In order to estimate your fish's KH comfort zone a little research may be necessary All fish require healthy levels of oxygen, however not all fish take in oxygen from their gills. Beta fish breathe water from the surface, and this is why they're able to tolerate low levels of carbonate minerals in their water. These fish evolved in water low in KH, and can easily tolerate water low in oxygen. This is the very reason why they've developed the ability to take in oxygen from the air above the [...]

Aquarium Pond Water Evaporation

By | 2020-08-05T10:26:42-05:00 June 3rd, 2017|Categories: Goldfish Koi Chat, Goldfish Koi Maintenance|

Aquarium pond water evaporation can have dire effect Aquarium pond water evaporation can have a dire effect on carbonate mineral levels in your aquarium or pond. Water evaporates, but the mineral does not. Over time, KH value can increase to dangerous levels. The smaller the body of water, the dryer the climate or season, the greater the risk What does carbonate mineral do? KH gives water the ability to support life. Carbonate mineral alone is responsible for how alkaline or acidic your water is Comfort zone is 120 to 140 ppm A part of pH, KH is a critical parameter that is often overlooked by fish keepers. The parameter pH is a combined reading of oxygen and carbonate mineral. Unfortunately, most fish keepers test pH alone, and use this reading to raise or lower alkalinity, which also can lead to extremely low or high KH levels Symptoms of KH poisoning; fish turning whitish, dorsal fin clamped, fish is hiding or not eating Many of us won't turn our air conditioners on until we just can't stand it any longer. Air conditioners do just that, cool and condition the air, adding to the humidity. If you don't want to cool the entire house with central air, consider adding a small cooling unit to the room your fish are in. Winter time also poses a threat as heaters dry the air, which causes water to evaporate Aquarium pond water evaporation Test KH regularly using the drop method as most KH test strips are unpredictable Water loss pond aquarium To lower concentrated amounts of carbonate mineral value in your fish house, use white vinegar. Pull a quart or a gallon of fish water depending on size of fish house. Use more or less vinegar (one teaspoon to one tablespoon) depending on the difference in readings of your fish house compared to the high end of the zone. Pour all around fish house slowly, mixing with your hand as you do so. Wait for an hour, test KH again. If it's still to high, repeat the process. Do the math. Going under the comfort zone is just as dangerous as going over. Work your way gradually to the desired goal, using more or less vinegar Vinegar is acid, and is a safe and effective means of lowering carbonate mineral value. The neutral zone for alkalinity and acidic measure is 70 ppm. Any reading below the neutral zone is considered as acidic, and will not support life. It's said that the neutral zone is found in pH readings, but this simply isn't true. Potential of hydrogen, pH is a combined reading of carbonate mineral and oxygen levels. It's possible to have high KH readings and low pH readings due to low levels of oxygen KH isn't the only mineral left behind after water evaporates, GH reading can also be affected Made up mostly of magnesium and calcium, GH (general hardness) can also become concentrated due to evaporation, however, most of us have levels far below the comfort [...]

Goldfish Owners

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Goldfish owners rely on bad information Goldfish owners follow bad advice passed from website to website. This information may have been created by the industry, which makes sense, because the instructions we commonly see does not encourage a healthy ecosystem; far from it. The goal is to keep us dependent on the use of pet shop products. The average goldfish owner uses chemicals and medications in hopes of keeping their fish alive, however, it doesn't work. The average lifespan of a goldfish kept by an experienced goldfish owner is two years. The average lifespan of a goldfish is 15 to 20 years These same goldfish owners will argue their methods are the best. The lessons first learned are set in their minds like a hand print set in concrete. Some people believe everything they read. Generally, people are very close minded An open mind is necessary to believe anything different than what is first learned. Over the years, I've been told I don't know what I'm doing, that I'm wrong, and my theories are crazy. I've been told off and called names too many times to count, just because the information I provide is different than what they believe to be true Goldfish products Most goldfish websites you visit share the same set of values. Their fish are kept in enclosed aquariums set up with air pumps and or top loading filters. They use pet shop products laced with dangerous chemicals to keep their tanks free of bad bacteria. These same goldfish owners (I won't give them the credit of calling them goldfish keepers) line the bottom of their tanks with painted pet shop gravel, marble, or worse, they have bare bottom tanks I will give them credit for having large and beautiful goldfish, however, most of these fish reached maturity in a breeder's tank, not their own. They pay top dollar because of it, and replace their fish frequently. Most of these breeders raise their fish in a consistent saline solution or medicated water. They too fight bad bacteria from rearing its ugly head in their improper set ups. These fish are all too often fed hormones to increase growth rate; as larger fish bring a larger profit Even if these fish are sold to real goldfish keepers, their lifespan will be short due to their past history. The industry has little interest in the health of goldfish. Their goal is to make a profit, and that they do. Little do goldfish owners know that Mother Nature holds the key to keeping fish healthy. She's designed the nitrogen cycle in order to keep our fish safe from ammonia and nitrite. She's created algae in order to keep our fish safe from nitrates and provide them a healthy food source Algae, nature's gift to the world of aquatics, is considered to be grunge by goldfish owners. Marring their beautiful set up, they fight it in every way possible. Some however, fight the nitrogen cycle itself by performing constant water changes to eliminate ammonia, or by [...]

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