Goldfish loosing color

Hi everyone, Hope you all are well. It’s been a few weeks since I dropped in. One of my bug eyed goldfish was pure black. Over the past few months it’s loosing color and turning golden color. Is this normal? I think the name of the breed is fantail. The other one just like it… Continue reading Goldfish loosing color

Lone Fish

I’m amazed by how well Fanny is doing alone in my 50 gal tank. This is the first time in her life (of 8 years) she’s been alone and she’s active and going about her usual business of picking at the algae scrubber, swimming all over the tank and riding the jets like she hasn’t… Continue reading Lone Fish

Sickening youtube video

Sickening youtube video will keep me up at night I stumbled across a youtube video the other day that gives me nightmares. This guy was showing how to cure a floating issue. He’s using a hypodermic needle to extract air from the swim bladder organ. I couldn’t believe my eyes The fish he treats will… Continue reading Sickening youtube video

Story of Babies

In Dec 2018 one of my fancy goldfish started be having oddly, she was struggling to keep upright, she would float with her tail up but only towards the end of the day, then sleep at pretty much 90′ in the night. She was also being chased by the two males who had white spots… Continue reading Story of Babies

New Fish Coming In

The fish is healthy before shipping, and hopefully it will arrive in the same shape It’s going to be spending its first few weeks in a tub with three relatively new comets. The new fish has just recently lost its tank mate, and may be feeling down because of it. Being stuck in a box… Continue reading New Fish Coming In

pH undefined

pH undefined as potential of hydrogen pH undefined by the so called experts is one of the most controversial topics in the industry, and the most misunderstood. It always has been and will be in debate, but how does it affect us as fish keepers? A great deal of the information found online has been… Continue reading pH undefined


Petsway is a very bad way Petsway is a very bad way indeed. I visited their shop in hopes of finding the right fish to pair off with another. I found that fish, but I also found something else in the process; a small school of fantails in the tank above. I love fantails, and… Continue reading Petsway

New fish

New fish has been brought home from Petsway New fish is a Sarasa comet, and it’s a real beauty. Body length is two inches or so, not including the tail. It’s white with a large splash of brilliant read on it’s head. I bought this fish to keep the Koi company. The other fish want… Continue reading New fish