Lone Fish

I’m amazed by how well Fanny is doing alone in my 50 gal tank. This is the first time in her life (of 8 years) she’s been alone and she’s active and going about her usual business of picking at the algae scrubber, swimming all over the tank and riding the jets like she hasn’t noticed. And she’s GROWING! She gets all the food! I don’t plan to leave her in there alone forever, but it’s nice to see her happy while I figure out what I’m doing.


  1. Sad indeed, but don’t feel guilty. In the wild, most small fry (baby fish) are eaten by predators. In fact, they’re lucky to hatch. This is a part of nature. One of my pond clients buys feeder fish for their pond fish to consume. He says it’s a healthy food source for them, and i suppose it true, but it’s shocking nonetheless. They don’t call them feeder fish for nothing. Sure. A few people buy them as pet goldfish, but most feeder goldfish are sold as a food source

    Mother Nature; she’s a bitch

  2. A few years ago, one of my new fish disappeared, and now I’m realizing what happened to it. We though it may have jumped from the tank or the cat went fishing, but I guess one of the older fish ate it. I feel terrible. It was really tiny. Poor little thing

  3. The comments are jumping out of order on this post, but I can’t seem to fix it, so we’ll have to live with it

    Not really. I have my school in the big tank, and a couple of rescue fish in a smaller stock tank that need rehoming. The tub was set up for sick and infected fish that were going to be returned to the owner, but they decided they didn’t want them, so now I have even more fish to rehome. They’re too small to release

    No aquarium, although there are times when I wish I had one, however, the glass would just be covered in algae. I wouldn’t have the heart to remove it

    One is a Koi, so I was thinking of releasing it in our reservoir when it gets large enough. This lake is stocked with giant carp that are just as colorful as Koi. I often wonder if they are Koi. They come to the dock begging for food, and there are hundreds of them. Right now the little Koi would be a light snack for them. lol

    Why do the pet shops sell Koi next to goldfish without warning people of their growth rate? Do they even know? Doubt it

    Young fish are so much fun. They’re filled full of vigor. They race around and play hard, while the old fish just mill around. I guess it’s the same with humans. LOL I miss my old school back in the day when they were in their prime. The fish I have now aren’t as colorful, or as exciting to watch. I’m pretty sure my stock tank is all female; just my luck. There’s no spawning, yet every so often I smell fresh fish, so someone is releasing eggs. I’ve never seen any, but this is no surprise. In all my years of goldfish keeping, I’ve only seen eggs once. This was when I had water hyacinth. The eggs were stuck on the plants. I had no idea what to do with them, and within a day they were gone

    One of our members had baby goldfish. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

  4. I would suppose it is somewhat stressful for the smallest fish in the school. My fish are pretty close to the same size in the stock tanks, but I have three in a tub, and the smallest is half the size of the others, and on the bashful side. Maybe this is the reason. She’s the same age as the others. I wondered if she’s a she, and the others are males

    Do you think males get bigger than females? It would make sense, but I don’t ever seen spawning between the three, and even though I haven’t found eggs, I can smell them on occasion, which makes me think they’re all female, which would be my luck. My dream is to have only males; no more female issues

  5. I’m not sure. The only reason I think she’s female is she usually got chased. I’ve seen eggs in my tank just one time and I’m not sure whose they were.

    She actually seems to enjoy being alone, probably because the other fish were larger. Less worry I guess. lol She’s always been a good swimmer, so always got enough to eat, but now she gets it all to herself. I’m feeding close to what I normally fed for the sake of my cycle. Yippy skippy for her!

    1. It sounds like you have a lot of fish right now; stock tanks? Tub? And did I read somewhere here that you also have an aquarium, or did I dream that? It sounds like you have a lot going on fishwise!

      I can’t tell, from what I’ve seen, if males get larger. On the sale sites I visit, there are some huge fish of both genders. I saw an 8.5 inch female oranda the other day.

      Speaking of spawning, I miss the days when I had just my three little orange fantails. They would all chase each other around in circles, the three of them and it was so much fun to watch. It looked more like playing than spawning and I never saw any eggs. Very entertaining.

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