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Goldfish Koi chat is a place for lighthearted goldfish chat

Goldfish Koi chat is a place we can meet and chat about our goldfish. Goldfish keepers love talking about goldfish, however, our non goldfish keeper friends and family get tired of the topic. Here, we can go on and on without getting a sigh or an eye roll. The hobby quickly becomes an obsession. Some of us can’t get enough

We love our goldfish, and we want to learn everything about them, even so, we also enjoy telling someone about the water spill or the fish that hovers over the jets. Maybe we don’t carry photos of them in our wallets, but they’re always on our mind

We keep goldfish for different reasons, but when it comes down to it, we’re all passionate about our fish. Goldfish, just like our other pets develop personalities. The bashful goldfish hides when we have visitors, however, the outgoing goldfish is curious, and enjoys getting their attention

Goldfish bond to their tank mates as well as their keepers. They have a wide range of emotions

Feeder Fish

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Feeder Fish are the most abused in the industry Feeder fish can be purchased at the pet shops for as little as twenty five cents. The tanks they're placed in are large, but always grossly overstocked. If you look closely, you'll see several dead or dying fish in the school due to the fact the water is low in oxygen due to the overstocking We call them feeder fish because they're fed to other animals; turtles, carnivorous fish and even snakes In the wild, small fish would have a chance at survival, but in captivity, their chances are slim to none. They will either die in the feeder tank, or become dinner or die at the hands of an inexperienced fish keeper. The fact is, experienced fish keepers are drawn to the fancy variety or the more expensive common variety, such as Sarassa comet, Wakin or Shubunkins Feeder goldfish are common or comets Feeder goldfish are the common (single tail) goldfish. The common variety include the first goldfish to be bred from the original gibel carp. This fish has rounded short fins, and sometimes the original silvery bronze coloration of their ancestor, the gibel carp pops up. Comets are are also of the common variety, having long, pointed flowing tails. These are the fish found in the feeder tanks One might pay up to seventy five dollars for a mature common or comet goldfish online. Maybe this is because the survival rate is extremely low due to their branding as feeder fish; as small fry, they have little value Moms and dads buy feeder fish for their kids because they're cheap, and they assume goldfish have a short life span, dying within a few months of purchase. Most of them will never know the fish's death is due to their own ignorance Fair fish We win them at fairs,. We take them home as a party favors. Feeder fish have even known to be swallowed by over enthusiastic sorority members The tiny fish fighting for their survival have the potential of becoming big and beautiful goldfish with the capacity for recognizing their keepers and bonding to their tank mates My daughter received two feeder fish close to twenty years ago; when my passion first began. After one died, the other swam into the glass repeatedly trying to get to its reflection. We headed to the pet shop to replace the dead fish, and picked out the only white fish in the tank. It turned out to be a fantail, but neither were prejudice. It was love at first sight. Both fish lived for another 14 years, and when the first fish died from female complications, the fantail died from a broken heart soon after. Don't believe it? Other members have similar stories Cruel and inhumane, the practice of using feeder fish to cycle tanks and ponds is common in the industry. What the public views as dispensable, fry (baby fish) will endure ammonia and nitrite poisoning with the toxins peaking [...]


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Petsway is a very bad way Petsway is a very bad way indeed. I visited their shop in hopes of finding the right fish to pair off with another. I found that fish, but I also found something else in the process; a small school of fantails in the tank above. I love fantails, and was looking them over, only to discover one was floating at the surface in a weakened condition. It looked close to death I flagged a clerk, and asked if I could have the fish, explaining I was an expert, and wanted to hone my skill at diagnosing and rescue. I also offered to pay full price. the clerk spoke with the manage before informing me they couldn't sell any of the fish in that tank in order to prevent infection She immediately placed a sign on the tank. Located in Springfield Missouri, this Petsway has some bad practices, and I would assume all of the shops are the same Without a doubt, I knew the sick fish would be culled; tossed in the trash, dead or alive The fact is, pet shop chains are not in it for the love of animals. They're out to make a profit. There was no real reason they couldn't have given me the fish. I believe it was constipated, and suffering from exhaustion They didn't give me a reason, and the clerk became defensive, so I let the matter go, but if you're in the market for a goldfish, avoid their store. Look for an independently owned shop. There's a much better chance the owners are passionate about the fish they sell Petsway is a very bad way indeed

New fish

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New fish has been brought home from Petsway New fish is a Sarasa comet, and it's a real beauty. Body length is two inches or so, not including the tail. It's white with a large splash of brilliant read on it's head. I bought this fish to keep the Koi company. The other fish want nothing to do with it, and it seems to be pining for the moor Yes, the two have bonded, and are hanging out together. This fish was alone in a tank next to the Koi, and the Koi seemed fascinated by it. When it was removed from the tank, the small school became very upset. I think my Koi remembers it. It obviously remembers the Koi. They seemed to be old friends Sarasa Comet I really hate pet shop chains. Independently owned shops are a different most cases. I always leave feeling depressed. The feeder tanks were filled with some very attractive comets. When I made it known that I felt bad for them, my daughter, unaware, said they're just feeder fish. She had no idea they were baby commons and comets; that if given an opportunity would grow into magnificent creatures. When I think of small fish being eaten in the wild, it doesn't bother me; nature taking its course, but in captivity, it doesn't have a chance; unfair play Petsway heartless Attached photo is fuzzy of the Sarasa, due to the fact the fish are in a tub. I'll get a better shot when the fish are being moved back into the stock, which may be another month or two. The tank is outdoors in the sun, and is already getting a thin layer of algae on the bottom. I've been adding old tub water to it. Hoping the pump will compete the cycle as well. I pulled all my pumps because they wouldn't fit in the tub; lost a lot of friendly bugs


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Koi OMG given to me by grandsons My grandson's decided I should have another goldfish, only they brought me a Koi. It's only 3 inches long, but OMG, Koi average three inches a year. It would break their little hearts if I took it back or re-homed it. I'm stuck with this fish I've never been a big fan of Koi. They look ornery, and they have bad attitudes. Funny thing is, there was a spawning just a few days after the new fish arrived. I didn't see the chase though, so not sure who was chasing who, however, the new guy is much too small to develop eggs. Time will tell. Maybe some day I'll have Moor Koi. LOL I won't be Koi, there may be a pond in my future. Imagine having a big beautiful pond in your backyard. Ponds are less work than indoor fish houses thanks to Mother Nature Getting the new fish has given me the incentive to work on my stock tank. I filled it up with water, and dropped a pond pump in it after treating for chlorine. I'm adding old tub water to the tank after every water change. I don't care if the pump cycles, but it would be nice to get the algae started up The old stock tank will need to be set up sooner rather than later. Even though the Koi is small now, it's swimming circles around the other fish. I was worried it would take a leap out of the tub, but so far so good At first the fish weren't getting along. My big fish were scared of the new guy, and he could smell their fear. He's really enjoyed the fact

Goldfish Antibiotics

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Goldfish Antibiotics compromise the immune system Buy the book Goldfish antibiotics sold at pet shops can and will kill your fish. Destroying everything in its path, good and bad bugs alike, antibiotics work by poisoning the environment. In the process, organs are compromised. Antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian are more powerful, and may work faster, but they too are lethal, and here's why........ Bad bacteria are everywhere; in our fish's water and in their bodies, waiting patiently for a chance to thrive. When we refer to infection, we mean bad bacteria have become invasive. For example, a slow moving tract is an open invitation for bad bugs. Food is utilized gradually as it travels through the intestines turning to waste. Creating the perfect home for unhealthy bacteria, waste that has spent too much time in the tract decays. Be it waste, water or tissue, bad bugs thrive in poor conditions. Rotting food or tissue is their food source Good bacteria thrive in the opposite conditions. Toxins created by the waste your fish produce are their food source. Their presence helps to create a safe environment in or out of body. Another notable difference, bad bugs are capable of building immunity to intolerable substances, and at the top of the list is medicinal antibiotics, however, good bugs, fragile as they are, cannot build resistance. The only thing these bugs have in common; they are both microscopic organisms Healthy bacteria thrive in healthy environments What causes infection? Goldfish living in water poor in quality are at high risk of infection. If the water is infected, so are the fish Goldfish antibiotics Maintaining excellent water quality doesn't mean your fish will never become infected with bad bacteria. Some things are out of our control. Internal body parts are at high risk of infection if they slow or cease to function. Like the water our fish live in, as the action slows, the risk of infection increase Body parts deteriorate as they slow in function. A failing heart, kidneys or liver are all prone to infection. The swim bladder organ that has collapsed or ruptured will fall prey. Older females are at high risk due to lower hormone production. Fewer males chase during the spawning event. Her eggs become impacted, and then decay inside of her body, inviting infection We live in an instant society. We want it, and we want it now Goldfish medication Infection is often widely spread by the time we notice symptoms. Medicinal antibiotics work quickly, giving us gratification. This is just one reason we're drawn to them. Within a few short days symptoms disappear, however, looks are deceiving Known or unknown, the source of infection in its weakened state is first attacked by bad bacteria weakening it further. Adding insult to injury, the organ is then subjected to the poisonous properties of antibiotics Beneficial bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 hours, whereas bad bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 minutes. After using medicinal antibiotics, it will take a few months for friendly bugs to rebuild their colonies. During this time, the fish are vulnerable. Within a few days the enemy will be at full force Medicinal antibiotics [...]

Stop Killing goldfish

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Stop killing goldfish and stop following pet shop advice Stop killing goldfish. Instead of keeping them in a sterile or chemically induced environment, create a natural ecosystem for your fish. Pet shop clerks sell products. Few are experts on animals, especially goldfish, although they act like it in order to make the sell. If they're confident, you'll be confident in them. The products that line the pet shop shelves hold false promises of curing your fish Most of these products are based on dangerous chemicals that all too often push sick fish over the edge. I have never known one case where these chemically based medications improved the health of a fish Dead goldfish Nine times out of ten, a fish is suffering from water poor in value, poisoning or improper feeding, not disease. Adding pet shop medications to their unhealthy environment worsens the condition of the water and the fish. The same chemicals promised to improve the health of your fish, destroys the ecosystem by killing organic life forms. Fish living in a natural environment depend on a healthy ecosystem for quality of life, and so does the fish living held in captivity Killed goldfish When chemicals are intentionally or unintentionally dumped in our natural water works, the live in it dies or becomes sickened. The same is true of our goldfish. We should never have to use chemicals to maintain the health of our fish house water. With little encouragement, Mother Nature will get the job done Stop killing goldfish A natural environment starts with fast moving water exposed to fresh air; cold water rich in mineral value, set up with real pond pumps, established with a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria. The environment is topped off with a thick layer of algae Newly remodeled to encourage mother nature, in a short time this aquarium will sport a beautiful layer of green algae. The fish in the photo came back from the dead when placed in a healthy body of water Healthy water 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping All rights Author: Brenda Rand

Fish left unattended

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Fish left unattended can survive Recently, I had to leave my fish without care or maintenance. I had no idea when or if I would get them back. There was someone there in the house, however, that someone cared nothing about the fish. I couldn't take them with me. Inconsistent feedings and inconsistent water changes would do more harm than good. My fish would be better off without any attention at all Goldfish abandoned I wasn't worried the fish would starve. My stock tank has a lush layer of algae built up on the side walls of the tank. It's highly nutritious and my fish love it. They peck on it periodically throughout the day I wasn't worried the fish would be poisoned by nitrates. Feeding on nitrates, algae keeps levels at bay.  The fish eat the algae. The waste they produce creates the toxins created by the nitrogen cycle, with nitrates being the end result Fish left unattended A month later, my fish were brought to me in a bucket of their tank water, along with their pumps; all in excellent health. Nitrates tested at 20 to 40 ppm; the cycle in tact Goldfish left alone The pumps were left running, and one light on one side of the tank was left on. The light burned out after two weeks, however, the algae hung in there for the duration In a million years I never thought I would abandon my fish, but life is unpredictable. No, I wasn't lucky. Luck had nothing to do with it. A natural ecosystem saved my fish from certain death, however, it's good to know I can leave for the weekend, or even a week with little to no consequence Thanks Mother Nature. You're pretty amazing Fish left unattended Goldfish the real story Author: Brenda Rand

Toxic Tap Water

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Toxic tap water isn't as uncommon as you might think Toxin tap water can be found in large cities, small towns and country homes. Most of us live in regions that have safe drinking water right from the tap. Our cities go to great lengths and expense to make sure of it. Engineers monitor, filter and treat the water accordingly. They filter the water to remove significant amounts of metals and dangerous minerals or impurities, such as arsenic and phosphates; found in natural bodies of water in most regions Tap water with nitrates The fish in the photo below was poisoned by high amounts of copper in tap water, and has experienced kidney failure. Their organs are not designed to filter chemicals or high amounts of metal, but neither are ours These engineers test the water for bad bacteria and treat with disinfectants, such as chlorine and ammonia. If you're lucky enough to live in one of these cities, you enjoy the comfort in knowing your family and your pets are drinking healthy water..........or are they? Even though your city provides healthy tap water, the water you are filling your pitcher with may be toxic Tap water with bad bacteria We treat our tap water to eliminate chlorine and chloramines in our aquariums and ponds, yet drink this same water ourselves. The experts say these chemicals are safe to drink in trace amounts, but why take the risk? These same chemicals that destroy beneficial bacteria in our fish houses, destroy the friendly bugs in our intestinal tract, and who knows the other health risks they present Find out if your city uses chlorine or chloramines in your drinking water. Chlorine can easily be destroyed by adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to a pitcher of water. Chlorine is a gas that is easily eliminated when it comes in contact with oxygen, but chloramines is ammonia combined with chlorine, and ammonia is not easily eliminated from drinking water Old hot water tanks are notorious for contributing to the metal and rust content of water Higher quality older homes with old copper pipes used for plumbing are at a high risk for high contents of copper in the water due to corrosion. Lower quality old homes with metal piping could contain high levels of rust and bad bacteria. Rusty water is more common, but more easily noticed Toxic tap water In regions where carbonate and magnesium minerals are high, it's common for home owners and or builders to install a filtering system to old and new homes alike. These minerals build up in the pipes and our hot water tanks over the years, damaging parts and causing low water flow. While minerals are healthy for our fish and family, not so good for our plumbing Are you drinking toxic tap water? Most residential filtering systems do just that, filter the water, but some filters take it a step water, and require additives such as chemicals that soften the water. Soft water is water low in mineral [...]

Releasing goldfish

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Is it okay, releasing goldfish into the wild or are we doing our fish and our community an injustice? It's been a hot topic of debate for some time, and like every discussion, there are two sides to the coin. Should we be releasing goldfish? A lot of people don't realize that the tiny goldfish they bring home will double in size in just one year, averaging an inch every year of its life. If kept in a healthy environment, they can easily outlive our dogs and cats. Most people hadn't planned on investing in a small pond to house their pets, so what do they do when the fish outgrow the second or third tank upgrade? If they can't find someone with a pond to take in their fish, they turn to their local natural waterways; the lakes, the rivers or the creeks We won't discuss the idea of flushing goldfish today What else is there to do? Now, you might think, if everyone does this our waterways would be overstocked with goldfish, but in most cases, most people can't keep a goldfish alive for more than a few months. It's a rare problem; what to do with a large goldfish. Large goldfish are older goldfish. The article makes it sound like everyone is running to the lake with their giant goldfish Large Goldfish There may be some cases of people who get goldfish, and can't keep them for whatever reason, but again, this doesn't happen often. People generally don't buy goldfish if they don't want them. Fair fish maybe? Perhaps people win a fish at the fair, not wanting to keep or kill it might think releasing it would be the fair thing to do, but this isn't a common occurrence either Overstocking is rarely a problem in our own ponds, because goldfish and Koi both eat their own eggs and fry (hatch-lings) This is true in a natural body of water also If you read this article linked below, and scroll down, you'll see a photo of hundreds of goldfish gathered in the shallow shoreline. In the wild, in any school of carp, you would see varying sizes, but these fish are all the same size…/goldfish-attack-in-high-river-ponds-1.3… My thought is, a pet shop or even more likely a breeder is responsible for the overstocked population; not any one or few individual goldfish keepers. This is the work of a commercial enterprise In one of these articles, the uninformed author writes that goldfish are fragile in bowls, but they thrive in the lakes. Well, goldfish are fragile in bowls because they can't be kept healthy in bowls. They thrive in lakes because this is a natural healthy environment…/invasive-goldfish-being-electrocuted-1.… Prey fish, most goldfish released in a healthy body of water will be eaten if they're not at least 8" to 12" long. If they survived, and spawned, they would be found guilty of eating their own eggs and fry; few offspring survive. The ones that did, would [...]

seeking home beloved goldfish

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urgently seeking home beloved goldfish We're moving on may 25th, and urgently seeking home beloved goldfish; all six of them. If someone would take them, i will donate the 75 gallon tank, lights, marine land tank filter and tons of accessories. It all started with a little one inch comet our son brought home from the fair. Before long we really developed love for these guys and people gave us more, however, we now have 6 adorable goldfish ranging in size from 4 inches to 8 inches. all comet variations (like fantail). Looking for a great home for our goldfish Rehome goldfish Now, after 8 years, we have 6 adorable goldfish ranging in size from 4 inches to 8 inches. all comet variations (like fantail). Someone please adopt our fish. urgently seeking home beloved goldfish Ive been urgently seeking home beloved goldfish putting this off because i heard that if you advertise on craigslist people take your fish and feed them to predators. I was on the verge of taking them to a local pond with lots of goldfish - and probably so predators too - when I found this website. Please contact us if you're interested in adopting our fish; thanks in advance   [email protected]   thanks Give us your goldfish

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