Goldfish for Christmas

///Goldfish for Christmas

Goldfish for Christmas

How many kids will get a goldfish for Christmas this year?

After all, they’re much easier to care for than a cat or dog; right? After all, giving a goldfish for Christmas is cheap, and so are the bowls they live in; right? After all, goldfish food is cheap too, and it’s fun for the children to feed them. After all, it will teach the kids some responsibility. After all, if the goldfish dies, it’s easy to replace; right?

goldfish for christmas

A goldfish for Christmas

A goldfish for Christmas is just what every kid wants; right?

How many kids will cry when they find their goldfish upside down at the bottom of the bowl? The parents will reassure them that goldfish have short life spans, and then take them to the pet shop for another, the dead fish long forgotten. After they’ve gone through three or four goldfish, the child will decide they don’t like goldfish, and the parents will determine the fish are too much trouble

Goldfish for Christmas

Parents, before buying any pet for your kids, be it a puppy, a lizard, a bird or a goldfish, learn everything you can on the care of the animal

Something for the parents
10 Easy Steps to goldfish keeping

Something for the kids
The Goldfish Kid

A goldfish for Christmas is a bad idea unless you’re prepared to spend a little money and a lot of time

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