Bad Bacteria in Tap Water

Bad bacteria in tap water can make you and your fish sick

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Bad bacteria in tap water is a serious problem in many parts of the world. Some of us may live in a city that has excellent water, but have old or bad pipes in our homes

If you’re following the 10 steps religiously; if your goldfish house is properly oxygenated and maintained; if you’re performing one natural antibacterial tonic after another; but bad bugs or fungus continues be a problem, the infection may be coming from your freshwater source

On occasion, our cities report a boil order due to broken or leaking pipes, or general work being done in your location, which poses the risk of bad bacteria infection

There are a few options that may be used to destroy bad bacteria in tap water, making it safe for humans to drink and goldfish to live in

Oop Boost

Premix one ounce Oop Boost in freshwater before performing a water change to oxygenate water, remove chlorine and destroy bad bacteria

Chlorine to disinfect

Premix 2 drops of liquid bleach per quart of tap water in freshwater tub with a pond pump to oxygenate water and mix well. Eliminate chlorine by running a pond pump for 48 hours in your freshwater tub


Premix water treatment that converts chlorine to a safe form, treating entire tank size. If you have chloramines in tap water, water treatment must be used to eliminate

Boil water to disinfect

Bring water to boiling point; 212 Fahrenheit; cool to room temperature before using

bad bacteria in tap water

The water in the fish tank in the photo above is clouded, even though the KH levels are healthy, the surface exposed to fresh air and a pond pump is moving the water. After every stone was turned, the tap water was tested, and found to have bad bugs due to old pipes

According to the rating of gallons per hour; filter freshwater for recommended time period before using

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Author: Brenda Rand