Female Complications

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Female complications in Goldfish and Koi

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Fu ling relieves water retention…very gentle.  Helps the body put fluids in the right places, and if it’s pathological fluid fu ling will flush it out; low end diuretic herb

Female complications

Female complications

The aged female in the photo above has stopped emitting hormone, but continues to develop eggs. The symptoms of floating at a 45 degree angle nose down is common due to the buoyancy of eggs

Ginseng relieves exhaustion from spawning: could be a wonderful support. It’s not toxic and treats the adrenal glands. Helps with severe fatigue

Zi ciao jiao in studies have been found to improve ovarian stimulation and the breakaway of the egg

Vitex (chase cherry tree) improves the surge of LH surge and the ovaries response to grow a properly formed egg

Xiang fu might help to promote the fish’s body to expel eggs. In human females there are a series of tiny contractions in the tubes and uterus to move the egg along for fertilization. Obviously male fish provide this service but maybe Xiang fu could loosen things up?

DHEA could benefit menopausal females – might want to try. It’s a precursor hormone that makes many other reproductive hormones. Used in human females to improve ovarian response and egg quality. Though this is a tough one….when hormones slow down the body is moving to the next stage in life and there’s little someone can do to force ovulation

Jin yin hua -has been clinically found to kill bacteria and support the immune system. This herb can be harsh to the digestive system and is only used for short periods of time. Impacted eggs often lead to serious infection

I found a basic article on some western medicine treatment on female fish to enhance reproduction. The article lead me to believe it’s the same basic brain chemistry as humans. From the info I believe we can only control key pathways with supplementation. That said Chinese herbs are wonderful, but they are only used as per the patient’s symptoms. That’s why I was asking about how the fish generally presents. Can I assume from your post, that they may not be any signs of issues (from hormones not being produced) by the time it’s too late?

First the use of estrogenic products will be useless in promoting ovulation. Estrogen is the end hormone produced by the follicle (which contains the egg) to stop the brain from releasing hormones to grow follicles. If your using estrogenic products to stop ovulation – it’s probable not effective. Estrogenic products are utilized by the body anywhere if estrogen is lacking – which includes brain and heart

If the goal is to promote egg maturity and ovulation – a better supplement to use would be vitex or chase cherry tree. It promotes the brain to release luteinizing hormone to encourage egg maturity and ovulation

These herbs can be bought in local china town area and the herbs need to be cooked. Since fish are small 1 to 2grams of raw herbs are needed. Cook in 2 cups of water. Bring to a rapid boil and the turn down to a simmer. Keep cover and cook for an hour. After an hour strain liquid and throw out herbs

These herbs can be bought in granular form (already cooked and freezer dried). The best brand is KPC herbs. Expensive but KPC checks for pesticides and toxins. Very important since the Chinese are well known to be unethical in production of herbs

Refrigerate unused tea; store for five days before disposing

Herbal Tea Tonic (female complications)

female complications

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