LockJaw Goldfish Koi

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LockJaw Goldfish Koi can lead to death if left untreated

Symptoms include; unable to close mouth; unable to open mouth; jaws are locked, unable to swallow; spitting food; muscle spasms; raised scales caused by fever

Lockjaw goldfish Koi, a nickname given to a living organism we call tetanus. Tetanus creates a toxin that can be deadly to animals. It thrives in waste, in or out of our intestinal tracts, and is commonly found in animals, humans and goldfish alike. Although the bacteria may not thrive, it can survive outside of its friendly environment for long periods of time. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s caused by a scratch on a rusty nail, but any scrape, cut or puncture wound, even a bite from another fish, can open the door to infection. If the bacteria is on the prowl, any open sore is a target; a very good reason to disinfect even the smallest of wounds

The jaw may be locked open or shut

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is not uncommon. Many humans and goldfish alike will suffer light cases of infection, experiencing only slight symptoms; numbness around an open wound or a few muscle spasms in an injured region. Those with healthy immune systems will easily overcome the disease

Tetanus is not considered as a transmittable disease, but because it lives in waste, can be found in any environment where waste is present. Fish with open external or internal wounds, such as an abscess or a torn intestinal tract caused by blockage are at higher risk of infection. Fish with poor immune systems living in water that is poor in quality may succumb to infection quicker than a healthy fish living in a healthy environment. in an unhealthy ecosystem. From the time of infection, it can take only a few days or several months to manifest

LockJaw goldfish Koi

The toxin it produces paralyzes muscles, typically starting with the face. A goldfish may be unable to close its mouth, to swallow food or to pull water through its mouth and out the gills. As the infection progresses, meaning as the bacterium multiplies, all of the muscles in the body become paralyzed, including the heart, the last muscle to be affected

How to treat lock jaw in goldfish

Until you have the ingredients you need, reduce tank temperature to 54f by chilling tank water in the fridge; pour all around slowly; refill and repeat

Remove entire lid if tank is enclosed

Set up a fan so that it skims the surface of the water

To treat you’ll need; a small tipped syringe and Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy

If you do not have a pond pump included in your set up, install one asap. Only a real pond pump provides the proper action to oxygen water. You’ll need a pump that pushes a minimum of 100 GPH (gallons per hour) for every 10 gallons of water; bigger is better

Read about PondĀ Pumps

Crank up the pond pumps to increase oxygen levels. If you don’t have a pond pump, scoop up a pitcher of tank water by pushing the container deep into the tank, pulling water up from the bottom; hold high over the surface and pour, letting the water hit hard. Repeat until pH levels are between 8. and 8.4 ppm

The fish in the photo below was kept in water low in value, it’s immune system weak. It’s jaws are locked open, making it easy to administer the remedy, however, in some cases the jaws are locked closed, and the mouth must be forced open. Within three days after starting treatment, the mouth was moving, and the fish made a full recovery

lockjaw goldfish koi

Follow instructions below

Purchase Oop Boost

While you’re waiting on the remedy to arrive, work on getting the water quality in your fish house high in value. Follow the 10 Steps listed below

When the remedy arrives, add one ounce of Oop (per 10 gallons of fish house water) by premixing in one gallon of tank or pond water. Pour all around slowly, mixing with your hand as you do so

Scoop the fish up in an appropriately sized container of tank or pond water

Fill dropper with container water

Keeping the body in the water, lift its head above the surface

Push tip in mouth, pointing towards one gill, then another; repeat action three times

Repeat entire process three times daily

Follow the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping to make certain your fish’s ecosystem is as health as it can be

LockJaw in goldfish and Koi

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