Pain and Stress Relief

Pain and Stress Relief caused by injury

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Being prey fish, goldfish can easily become stressed; this is normal, but after the scare is over, they should calm down within moments. Some fish become overly excited in certain situations, darting through the water; crashing into decorations or even the side walls of its container. Although these fish are exhibiting stress, moving them could increase the amount of stress they’re experiencing. These fish will benefit from a tonic which is performed in the main tank or pond

Even if we’re cautious with our fish and their environment, using great care with their maintenance and handling; even if we’ve created a safe habitat for them; accidents happen. Many a fish have been injured on a sharp decoration, or stuck in a filter, or even sucked up a gravel vacuum. Many a fish have been dropped on the floor, or jumped from its tank or pond

Pain and stress relief

These baths have been designed to relieve pain and suffering which causes goldfish increased amounts of stress; increasing the risk of shock which can lead to death or lesson its chances of survival

pain and stress relief
Pain and stress relief

Use one tablespoon of our Garlic Remedy in a five minute bath

Place fish in bath for 2 to 3 minutes; repeat as necessary; make a fresh bath every time

 If the fish show signs of stress return to main tank or pond, and it will return to normal within moments

  • Cold Bath   or   Reduced Temps

To give your fish a cold bath; use main tank water and a one gallon sized container. According to stress levels, fish should be refrigerated for 2 to 3 hours. Remove and let bath water and fish stand until gradually warmed to room or tank temperature; repeat as necessary; make a fresh bath every time

Pain and stress relief

To reduce the temperatures in your tank, chill tank water in the fridge; pour all around tank slowly; refill and repeat. The higher the stress; the lower the temperature should be; 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Repeat as necessary. Reduce feeding at 65f gradually stop feeding at 55f. Lowering temperatures reduces blood pressure, putting the into a semi state of dormancy

Sea Salt Bath

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