Goldfish and Koi Class Symptoms

//Goldfish and Koi Class Symptoms
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Goldfish and Koi Class Symptoms 

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Find the goldfish and Koi class symptoms below that best describe your goldfish’s condition; then find the page listed for the classification of symptoms for prescribed goldfish emergency rescue procedure. Look for one or more related symptoms in a category to match

Do not combine salt and medication….Do not use salt on fish with raised scales or fish that are bloated…Use salt only as a periodical remedy

Our website, Organic Goldfish is down at this time. We hope to have it up and running soon, but until then, our remedies, water treatments and gel food will be listed here for your convenience Health Remedies gfe

Every tonic or treatment should start with our 911 Water Change

Goldfish and Koi class symptoms

Goldfish symptoms

Class A Symptoms: Goldfish is dying; unconscious; has little or no response; upside down motionless; upside down on bottom of tank

Class B
Symptoms: gasping at surface; bleeding from eye; redness at gills; rapid gill movement; bulging eye; pop eye; blowing bubbles thru gills

Class C
Symptoms: visual sores; frayed or torn fins; hole in head or ulcers; fungus present on mouth or body; cotton like fungus; missing scales; pooh is very light or very dark in color, and stringy. flashing; rubbing; sporadical swimming; visual worms or parasites

Class D
Symptoms: floating at top of tank; swimming upside down; bobbing; upside down;  uncontrolled swimming

Class E
Symptoms: bottom sitting; pressed to bottom; lack of appetite; bent or folded  position; curled; uncontrolled swimming; swimming in somersaults

Class F Symptoms: bloated or swollen; listless; loss of appetite

Class G Symptoms: raised scales; pine coning; diminished appetite

Class H Symptoms: Clamped fins, white marks, black marks, red veining in tail; broken blood vessels on body

Dissolving Salts: Using a blender (free of contaminants) grind rock salt into a fine powder before dissolving in a glass of hot water; shake or stir until few granules appear. To assure that no granules are mixed into goldfish tank water, pour salt water through fish net; blend with treated fresh water before adding to tank.

Diagnose symptoms and treat

Goldfish symptoms and ailments

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