Goldfish may be the most sociable fish of them all

We’ve all had a goldfish at one time or another, but most of us didn’t realize the fish required more than a bowl. Goldfish are the most sociable fish. They can recognize their keepers faces, and often bashful around strangers. They love to play. If you have a pond pump you’ll seeing them riding the jet stream to the surface, and then racing down to the bottom to do it again

Goldfish care

If you have a school, you might notice that the fish pair up; not always as couples. Fish bond to each other. The first two fish I got was a male and a female. It was love at first site. Thirteen years developed female issues, she lost control of swimming. He spent every moment by her side. Even when another female was spawning, he chose to stay with his lady. later she died from the condition and the male went into a deep depression, refusing food. It wasn’t long after he died of a broken heart

Goldfish experience many of the same emotions as we do

These magnificent creatures also feel pain. Too many people believe animals, especially fish have no feeling, but such is not the case

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Comet Goldfish Pineconing.

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Comet goldfish pineconing Currently its with 5 other goldfish in a 120g Acrylic tank with a Canister filter and a water pump. its about 8 years old when I got it as an abandoned goldfish. I googled up some treatments but I wanted to get your input on how to treat it and save it. I got Epsom Salt and Pond Salt to get started it on treating it. Comet still swims around right side up, eats and socializes with its other tank mates. Goldfish raised scales Any input is greatly appreciated on how to save it. Water parameters are  0/0/30 with the ph at 7.8. Water temps are currently 72 Degrees. Goldfish scales sticking out More pics and videos available upon request. Thanks for reading this, Theo75.

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