SEMI Live Fish Free Cycle

SEMI Live Fish Free Cycle combines the two methods of cycling

Semi live fish free cycle combines two methods of cycling to make for a faster and safer cycle. Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle….Algae, the End Result of the Nitrogen Cycle….Tips on Establishing & Maintaining a Healthy Colony of Beneficial Bacteria….Spike in the Cycle?….Tips on Preventing a Spike….How to Perform the SEMI Live Fish Free Cycle

Live fish cycle

If you have a filter or pump in your fish house, this is where the friendly bugs will set up housekeeping. We know this because we know they require heavily oxygenated water, created by motion. They can tolerate light, but require darkness for reproduction

Ammonia is created from waste, and when ammonia is present, beneficial bacteria form to feed on it, converting it to nitrites, and then into nitrates. When nitrates are present in healthy amounts, this indicates the nitrogen cycle is in process. Ammonia and nitrites are deadly toxins. Nitrate is a toxin, however, safe for freshwater fish and humans as well in low amounts

Established tanks and ponds house beneficial bacteria as well as our fish. These good bugs perform and produce the nitrogen cycle for us, creating what we call, a cycled fish house, making the environment safe. Only a cycled fish house is capable of becoming, of supporting a healthy ecosystem

Many fish will die because they’re owners new nothing about the nitrogen cycle. By the time they find out, the cycle is in progress, and a fish free cycle is . They will be poisoned by ammonia and or nitrite as the cycle takes place without their knowledge. During this time, they may notice something is wrong with the fish, fins are clamped or red strips appear in the tail fin

They’ll ask, and be advised to use water treatment to keep the fish safe during the event. Unfortunately, the water treatment will not safely convert the high amounts of the toxin levels without overdosing. The fish will be exposed to the toxins or poisoned by water treatment

semi live fish free cycle
Semi Live Fish Free Cycle

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Fish free cycle

There are many fish keepers that do everything in their power to keep the cycle from forming in their fish house. Some use products designed to absorb ammonia. Some perform large and frequent water changes to remove ammonia. Some rely on water treatment to convert ammonia, but none of these means are safe or effective

The water in the photo above is rich in mineral value and oxygen. Algae is present, keeping nitrates at low levels, offering a nutritious food source for the inhabitants. This is a picture of a healthy ecosystem, and only Mother Nature is capable of creating it

Cycle the pumps or filters in your tank or pond in a separate container while the fish remain in the safety of their home

Author: Brenda Rand