Tumors on Goldfish

Tumor on Goldfish are sometimes harmless, and sometimes not

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Tumors are common for most animals, humans, dogs, cats and goldfish alike. They are caused by abnormal growth of body tissue. In some cases tumors are found to be malignant or cancerous, but most tumors are benign. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body

Just like all animals, tumors aren’t uncommon with goldfish. If the fish is eating and acting normally, it’s likely the tumor isn’t cancerous, but like most tumors, unless removed, they’ll continue to grow, taking a toll on the fish. Tumors are just a mass of abnormal cells, and some grow excessively. You may be able to perform this task yourself if you have the knowledge, or know someone that could. The fish will need to be placed under anesthesia and the masses surgically removed

Tumors on goldfish

If you have the funds, a vet would remove the tumors. Or, you could opt to let the fish live out its life as is, for however long that is. There is something you can do to help, and that’s to make sure you’re providing the best water possible. Tumors forming internally may go undetected, but external tumors are easy to spot, and all tumors, cancerous or not can be successfully treated using natural remedies

Tumors on goldfish

Some tumors are actually hernias; quite common in goldfish and Koi. There’s no remedy for this condition, but a veterinarian that specializes in fish may perform surgery to repair. Only a vet can tell the difference between a hernia and a tumor, and even a vet must take a biopsy to determine if a tumor is cancerous

In most cases, it’s best to leave well enough alone. Removing a tumor may cause more harm than good, and there’s a good chance the fish will live a normal, happy life even with a tumor. The growth of warts can be retarded, and even reversed by using natural remedies. The fish in the photo below has warts. The treatments included Sea Salt and Garlic, and were performed periodically for close to six months before the growths began to shrink

tumors on goldfish
Tumors on goldfish

All treatments should start with excellent water that is rich in minerals and oxygen

Use Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy


Garlic Remedy for fish that are sensitive to salt

Repeat every three to four weeks until symptoms disappear

Diagnosing Symptoms

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