Something Smells Fishy

Something Smells Fishy? If so, your fish could be spawning

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  • Do goldfish smell like fish?

Something smells fishy, and it’s coming from your goldfish tank. Your goldfish may be spawning. The eggs females release have a pleasant fish odor, much like fresh caught fish. The odor disappears within a few hours after spawning, however, if it smells more like dead fish, and doesn’t fade, your tank or pond is infected with bad bacteria

Does your aquarium have a top? If so, remove it so the surface is exposed to fresh air. Test pH. The comfort zone is 7.4 to 8.4 ppm with the higher side of the zone being preferred. Potential of hydrogen, pH tells us if our water is properly oxygenated, along with the help of KH. Carbonate mineral is a part of pH with the other part being O2 (oxygen)

Never test pH alone, because this is only half the story. Test KH first and foremost. The comfort zone is 100 to 140 ppm. Buffer this parameter if low

Refer to Test water parameters

Now test pH again. Still low? If so, oxygen levels are low

Refer to Oxygenating Water

Something smells fishy

Every goldfish tank, aquarium, or pond has unfriendly bacteria in it all of the time, ready and waiting for you to become lax on water changes. Fully cycled aquariums, tanks or ponds that are properly maintained should never have an unpleasant, fishy odor. Increased or agitated surface action assists in oxygenating water

something smells fishy

Fishy smell

Oxygen destroys bad bacteria on contact

Water rich in minerals and oxygen makes for a healthy ecosystem, and of course, a healthy ecosystem makes for healthy fish

Bacteria Friend or Foe?

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