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Have you ever wondered what’s in water treatment? If you’ve ever used it, you’ve gotten a whiff of what smells like sulfur, and that’s because these water treatment contain sulfur dioxide, an irritating toxin.These treatments also contain fisulfite, metabisulfite and sulfite derivatives used for dechlorination, resulting in adverse effects on aquatic life by lowering oxygen levels, leading to a drop pH, leaving water acidic, not to mention the effect the chemicals may have on our fish

Chlorine verses chloramines

Still, we’re glad to have it when a spike occurs in our cycled tanks or ponds, or during the nitrogen cycle, but do we have to use it for our regular water changes? In a cycled tank or pond, only chlorine and or chloramines are being eliminated

Water treatment free

We don’t know what long term damage water treatment can cause, but the fact is, the chemicals used in the substance are
not a part of a natural environment. Us and our goldfish would be all the healthier without their use

There have been many cases of goldfish poisoning where the source could not be traced, and some cases directly related, but
most of these cases were due to the fact the fish keeper didn’t follow or understand its use

Alternative to water treatment

Oxygen destroys chlorine, however, it does not destroy combined chlorine, better known as chloramines. Combined chlorine is created when ammonia is used with chlorine to give it longevity and added strength

Water treatment free

It’s a myth that allowing water to stand will remove chlorine. Liquid gas, chlorine can only be removed naturally by oxygenating the water. Adding a pond pump to move the water will expel gases in the air. Adding Oop Boost to water will destroy chlorine on contact

To have a greater understanding of oxygenating water, read pH; Potential of Hydrogen

Because Oop Boost destroys chlorine, but not chloramines. Contact your local water service before switching from water treatment to hydrogen peroxide to eliminate chlorine

Water treatment has the potential to cause an excessive slime coat on fish; the body’s effort to protect itself. It can burn
goldfish with inferior slime coats, as well as human flesh. The burns in the photo below were caused by overexposure to treated goldfish water due to hand feeding a goldfish with a sinking issue

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Author: Brenda Rand