Goldfish Home Alone

Goldfish Home Alone, right or wrong?

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Goldfish home alone is not recommended. We shouldn’t leave our pets alone, however, sometimes it can’t be helped. There are kennels for dogs, or we can take them with us. We can always enlist a friend or family member to feed the cat, but not just anyone can be trusted to care for a goldfish. The goldfish’s environment is so delicate that over or under feeding can create a dangerous spike in the cycle

Find a trusted friend or family member to help

Leave instructions to feed one pinch at a time, taking a good half hour to disperse entire amount. Hold food below the surface and release in a spreading motion, making it difficult for the fish to find. This method of feeding will keep the fish from gorging, which may cause serious digestion issues. Wrap a day’s feeding individually in foil packets to avoid guessing games

  • Leaving goldfish in the winter

Nitrates could rise to dangerous levels before you return home if you’re going to be gone longer than a week. Your fish could be a risk. Perform a large water change using water treatment that converts the toxin before leaving. Treat the entire tank size using a double dose. Reduce the amount being fed to lower nitrate production. Gradually increase amount of food upon your return. Test daily for ammonia and nitrite. Prepare for a spike in the cycle

Most importantly, turn the heat down to low setting; 54f to 64f. Once the water reaches 64f, the fish will need very little food. If the temperature is set at 54f, they won’t need food at all. Goldfish begin dormancy at 64f and reach a full state at 44f. This is a perfectly natural condition they would experience in the wild. The good news; the beneficial bacteria that create the nitrogen cycle will also become dormant, and you’ll arrive home without a spike

Goldfish home alone

Cold Fish

Water treatments only convert toxins to a safer form, so expect to get a reading after using

  • Leaving goldfish in the summer

Write out detailed instructions for friends. Keep the air conditioner running whether you plan on returning in one day or one week

  • Withholding food from goldfish

Automatic feeders are used by some goldfish keepers, however, sometimes the mechanics fail feeding all or none

Goldfish home alone

Food blocks are also available, gradually breaking down as your fish nibble on it. This works in theory, but all too often these blocks pollute the water allowing the fish to gorge

Saving the best for last. Leave your fish in a natural ecosystem rich in algae if you have to leave them. The fish eat the algae, and the algae feeds on nitrates. Depending on how much algae is available, fish can be left for weeks at a time. There are many advantages to natural goldfish keeping

Read this article in the link below to find out what happened when goldfish were left abandoned for six weeks

Fish left unattended

Nitrogen Cycle

If algae is present, the fish will eat it; another food source that creates waste


Make certain the house remains cool while you’re gone; leave aquarium lights off or use a timer. Make sure the top is open and the surface agitated

Have a great trip

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Author: Brenda Rand