New Goldfish Aquarium

New goldfish aquarium is like a new adventure

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New goldfish aquarium is exciting whether it’s your first, or whether you’re upgrading tank size. If you’re a successful goldfish keeper, you’ll be upgrading the size of your aquarium over the years. Goldfish grow fast and furiously, and require a great deal of space. Aquariums come in all sizes, however, they’re costly. If your fish have outgrown their habitat, and the expense of a new aquarium is too great, consider a stock tank or a even a plastic tub for goldfish house

Rinse new tanks and equipment using tank water or treated tap water before set up

  • Adding new filter or pump to new goldfish aquarium

Increase pump size when upgrading tank size. Leave your old pumps in place while the new pumps become established. Beneficial bacteria build their colonies in our these mechanics, so removing or replacing them should be done with care. Turn the volume down to low on the old pumps, and within a few months the new pumps will support the majority of friendly bugs. Unless space is an issue, there’s no reason to remove the old pumps. Having a back up is always a good idea

Goldfish aquarium

Read about the nitrogen cycle to prevent poisoning your new fish

New goldfish aquarium

Trading a new aquarium with the old is no easy task if the location is to be the same. Place the fish in one bucket of tank water, with the pumps in another, and make the exchange. Collect as much fish water as possible for the new set up

Large aquariums should be placed in a location with structural support

It may be necessary to use a net on small goldfish, however, if you do, keep the net below the water surface. Scoop the netted fish up in plastic container to minimize stress and injury

Make certain Supersaturated gases have been eliminated from freshwater source

Test nitrates and compare. Exchange container water with aquarium water until levels are within 5 ppm of each other

  • Multiple goldfish tanks

If you’re keeping your old tank, and setting up an additional one, use some portion of the old gravel and tank water to help establish the new one. Plan in advance by dropping a new pump in your established aquarium. Gradually increase amounts of food being fed, feeding less more often. The new pump will become established within a 4 to 6 weeks

When you remove the new pump to place in the new aquarium with new fish, reduce food amounts in both tanks. Gradually build up to appropriate amounts. Take your time, and avoid a spike in both tanks

New goldfish aquarium

Crank up the volume of the filters and pumps up to clear water, however, be sure to lower settings before adding fish

Fish should remain in the container until all of the gravel, decorations and pumps have been moved to your new aquarium

Placement aquarium homes

To Catch a Goldfish

New Aquarium for Goldfish

It’s natural for goldfish to be nervous in a new environment. They might exhibit behavior such as bottom sitting or hiding behind, however, within a few hours they should start to explore their new home. Continue feeding normally


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