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In House Bath is the safest way to give a fish a bath

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The in house bath comes in handy for those goldfish keepers that are reluctant to handle, but wish to give their fish bathes

Goldfish that have been poisoned by nitrates need deep water. The pressure of water becomes greater as the depth increases. This pressure relieves the pressure caused by nitrates. All too often high nitrates come with bad bacteria due to infrequent water changes, poor water quality and a poor set up altogether. Because nitrates rob the blood of oxygen, low levels of oxygen in the water accelerate the damage caused by nitrates. High nitrates in a tank that is heavily oxygenated may not bother the fish as much as water that is high in nitrates and low in oxygen levels

Many of these fish would benefit from a Sea Salt Remedy

Salt contains chloride which improves gill function, but even better, it kills bad bacteria and fungus. This remedy also contains oxygenated water which also kills bad bacteria and fungus. The oxygen levels in the blood will offset the affects of nitrate shock or poisoning

You’ll need a container sized accordingly; it should be as tall or even better, taller than the height of your goldfish house, but shorter than the length. It should be small around; a tall thin waste can or even a tall pitcher. The container should be free of contaminants and hold water

Nitrate, the Gentle Giant

Premix 1 ounce of Sea Salt Bath with water

Tip the container into the water of the goldfish house allowing it to fill. As it does, push it deep into the water; horizontal and at the bottom or floor or goldfish house

In house bath

Swim the sick goldfish into the container, and gradually tip it upright until it’s vertical. The fish should remain at the bottom of the container at all times

Add solution to the container. If the container isn’t full use goldfish house water to fill to the brim. Is the water table of the container higher than the water table in the goldfish house?

In house bath

This is the goal; to increase the water pressure for the duration of the bath

After 15 minutes; gradually push the container back to a horizontal position to the bottom. Gradually raise the bottom of the container to release fish or use hand

Repeat two times daily for three days only

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Author: Brenda Rand


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