Dissolving Salt

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Dissolving Salt is important when using in bathes or remedies

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  • How to dissolve salt

Using a blender (free of contaminants) grind rock or granulated salt into a fine powder. Wait until dust settles before removing blender cap. Dissolving salt powder in a glass of boiling hot water; shake or stir until few granules appear. Pour off salt water into another container; leaving the salt granules that haven’t dissolved behind. Allow salt water to warm to room temperature before using

Dissolving salt isn’t easy, but our Salt Remedy is ready to use; no dissolving necessary

Sea Salt Remedy

Premix with treated freshwater before using

Before using salt, read the article in the link below. Salt can be the goldfish keeper’s best friend, but it can also lead to serious health issues when abused. Many fish are bred in high saline solutions causing stress on the organs. If you have been using salt continuously, avoid its use

Salting our Fish

Salting goldfish or Koi is risky. Breeders and sellers rely on salt to destroy and prevent bad bacteria infection. Use extreme caution with salt bathes or full treatments. When following instructions on a salt box from the pet shop, use only half of the amount specified. Salt irritates the skin of the fish, causing it to increase its slime coat. The slime coat protects fish from infection. Most fish living in poor water conditions have little to no slime coat, and can benefit from a salt bath

Goldfish aquariums infected with bad bacteria or parasites, also benefit from salt treatments. The salt dehydrates the bad bugs, destroying them

Dissolving salt

Dissolving salt

The chloride in salt improves gills function which is beneficial for most fish living in poor conditions

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