Salt Bath for Goldfish

Salt Bath for goldfish

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Do not use salt on bloated fish; fish with raised scales; fish that have recently been salted. Stagger use of salt remedies and treatments; do not combine salt and medications. Do not combine aloe treatments with salt

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The famous ‘salt dip’ has revived many a goldfish from the brink of death. A bath can restore its vitality by improving gill function. Destroys bad bacteria or parasites. Goldfish infected by worms or parasites may experience immediate relief

A salt bath goldfish can greatly reduce stress and encourages new slime coat growth

  • How to give a salt bath for goldfish

Using your fresh water source (tank or room temperature) fill an appropriately sized (free of contaminants) container for the goldfish or amount of goldfish you are going to bathe. If you are certain that the water parameters in your main tank are good, you can use your tank water which may reduce the stress on the goldfish. If you are uncertain, use your fresh water source matching temperature within 3 degrees. If you have, use water treatment that eliminates chlorine and chloramines; add proportionately following directions

Salt bath for goldfish: use aquarium salt, sea salt
Add 1 teaspoon per gallon (3.79 ltrs) of water. Dilute salt into 1/4 cup warm water making certain that granules have dissolved; and mix thoroughly into the prepared tank

Recommended treatment time; 1 to 3 minutes: Keep a watchful eye on fish during this treatment; return to tank if any signs of stress appear. Goldfish have been known to lose consciousness during these treatments, but quickly revive when returned to their tankĀ 

Dissolving Salt

If your fish has suffered from oxygen deprivation give it a 1 to 3 min bath every day until you see normal behavior. A shorter bath may be given (1 minute) as often as needed)

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Author: Brenda Rand