Goldfish Impacted with Eggs

A Female Goldfish impacted with eggs is at risk

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Goldfish impacted with eggs is swollen around midsection; Female goldfish is floating at 45 degrees; Female goldfish hasn’t released eggs; Female goldfish is by itself or with other females; Female goldfish is with males but hasn’t spawned


Goldfish begin to mature and spawn at the ages of 2 or 3 and continue to breed for another 7; even 10 years. When the temperatures rise, mature female goldfish produce eggs; when the eggs are mature; she emits hormone. The males respond to this hormone by chasing the female; pushing and rubbing against her. This action encourages the release of the eggs, and encourages the males to release sperm. If the timing is just right, the eggs become fertilized


Goldfish impacted with eggs


On occasion a female may become impacted with eggs. There are a few reasons; some known and some unknown that this happens. The fish may be older, going through the change of life and not producing high enough levels of hormone to arouse the males, or perhaps there are no males available. Although females can and do produce and release eggs without males around, the pushing and shoving is beneficial to the release


Goldfish floating at 45 degree angle


For whatever reason eggs may become impacted; typically the females eggs will be reabsorbed; if time and good health allow. If the temperatures are dropping and rising over and over again in a short time period, the female may continue producing even though she still carries mature eggs. The longer the eggs remain inside of the fish, the more susceptible the fish becomes to harmful bacteria infection


Goldfish impacted with eggs


As a precautionary measure the tank or pond should be treated with the salt tonic Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy


Impacted females bloat through the lower portion, back side of the body, and often develop floating disorders caused from the buoyancy of the eggs floating at a 45 degree angle; nose down 


If a female remains impacted for too long, there is a risk of the fish becoming infected with harmful bacteria. To prevent infection give periodical green baths found in this article


Benefits Natural Remedies and treat with Mean Green


Some impacted older females may be menopausal; still producing eggs, but no longer producing hormone. These fish may be discouraged from egg production by maintaining consistent water temperatures which is difficult to do. Most menopausal females will die from bad bacterial infection unless the goldfish keeper is aware and provides treatment


A rise of 3 to 4 degrees encourages spawning


Goldfish swollen on one side


To ease symptoms: Gently stroke around the bloated area moving fingers from front to back; very gently. Cupping the fish in your hands, swim it back and forth over the jet of a pond pump; turn volume on low. This may release any bound eggs


If the fish has developed floating issues it may be beneficial to temporarily lower the water table. This eases the water pressure and makes it easier for the fish to swim normally


Floating Issues


Some impacted females; not yet old enough to experience menopause that are in a mixed gender tank or pond may benefit from natural estrogen


Feed your fish (soft but not mushy) soy beans; de-shelled; which contains estrogen. Feed two to three times a week as a preventative; more often if issues occur


A two man job; one person holds fish just below the surface; the fish will gasp when it’s head is lifted above the water line; the second person may administer the drops with an eye dropper. Watch for excess oil to gather at the surface and remove by scooping or administer is a separate container


goldfish impacted with eggs


Add a real pond pump to your set up. The action from the jet stream attracts females with eggs, as the pressure helps them release eggs. If the female isn’t so inclined, you can scoop her up and hold her over the jet stream, allowing the water to move through loose fingers. Make sure to have a mixed gender school in your fish house


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Author: Brenda Rand