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Bad Info Goldfish Care is everywhere

by tesh617

bad info on goldfish care

Was just doing some reading on the internet…..and I found this, it’s a website that tells prospective fish owners everything they need to know about salt and freshwater aquariums. Some of the things on goldfish are hilarious. The sad thing is people listen to this kind of misleading information whole heartedly, and so many fish probably die because of it smiley

“Once at home make sure that your fish is acclimated. You could do this by keeping your fish bag on your aquarium for about five minutes and then put some of your aquarium water in the bag and then wait for another five minutes. After that, you just remove the fish and put them in your aquarium taking care to throw away the water.”

*FIVE minutes, no testing, hardly any adjustment. That sounds like an awful idea. Five minutes isn’t even enough time for temperatures to adjust, let alone a fish to get used to rapidly changing water parameters.

“Most owners also like to feed their fish on the first day. It is advisable to avoid this, as the goldfish will definitely not eat the food. This will only cause your aquarium to become dirty. You can feed them as usual on the next day.”

Internet info goldfish

I just think this is funny because he knows for a fact that the goldfish will DEFINITELY not eat. Which is a lie, it probably would, they eat every chance they get.

“These worms can be a variety of colors, including brownish-red, clear, or greenish-white and can cause ulcers and severe pain. This goldfish disease can be treated by purchasing a gyrase inhibitor from your local pet store. You simply add this inhibitor to your fish tank and the parasites will be killed within several days.”

*I have never heard of a gyrase inhibitor, I googled it and still don’t know what it is. Sounds like something Miley Cyrus could use, she is growing up too fast. I have never heard of anyone treating anchor worm with anything other than salts or parasite medicines.

“You should also regularly check your goldfish for signs of fin rot, another common goldfish disease. This can be seen in the fraying or tearing of your goldfish’s fins. You might be able to prevent fin rot before it even sets by keeping an eye out for white discoloration on your goldfish’s tail. To treat this goldfish disease, simply purchase antibiotics, which are available at the majority of pet stores.”

*Isn’t fin rot usually fungal or due to water quality? The only time I have ever seen fins effected by bacteria was when sherbet’s fins were deteriorating, and that was after a long trip downhill. I have treated 3 of my friend’s fish that had fin rot with fungal medicines (before this site) so I am thoroughly confused.

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA THERE IS AN ENTIRE SECTION ON THE CARE OF WHITE GOLDFISH. This is so funny, I am just posting the best parts of this website, but you guys can still go check out the whole thing. God this is hilarious, this dude talks as if it’s a different species or something. You really need to read the ‘white goldfish’ article, its only like 5 paragraphs but its so funny.

Goldfish information online

bad info goldfish care

“Like us, goldfish enjoy eating a variety of fruits and vegetables such as Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, cooked peas, eggs, grapes, spinach and oranges. And if your mom does not want you to feed your goldfish a salad, then you can search your yard to find earthworms and insect larvae to feed it.”

*Isn’t that a terrible idea to feed them grubs from the yard? Who knows what toxins have built up in their systems from years of living in a chemically fertilized lawn. Plus, I’m pretty sure my mother would rather have me feed a fish a morsel of food than go digging up the back yard. Ugh

“If you’re looking for a great pet to keep, you might want to consider goldfish. Goldfish are especially great pets for kids.”

*Yeap, about as good as a dog, either way the parents will end up doing all of the work. Honestly, my mother never let me have fish as a kid, I got 2 goldfish from a fair ever, they both died within two weeks (in a bowl of course). My father even had a 60 gallon saltwater tank, and they didn’t let us keep goldfish ourselves, I guess they knew that it would end up being their hassle every week.

**Interesting note, I got into goldfish keeping because of a Betta I won at the boardwalk, and then when I got my goldfish and showed a passion for it, my dad spotted me the money to get the 10 gallon and everything the goldfish needed smiley (the betta was in a bowl, then a bigger bowl, then a 3 gallon tank.)

“Overfeeding, underfeeding, or using the wrong type of goldfish food is often the reason why some goldfish don’t live past several months.”

*Understatement of the century, cause it totally has nothing to do with adequate housing or water parameters.

“In addition to being easy to eat and containing an optimum nutrient level, flake goldfish food prevents your goldfish’s water from additional contamination. This is because flakes stay at the water surface long enough for your fish to eat the entire amount during a particular feeding session. As a result, less food sinks to the bottom where it will simply become a water pollutant.”

*That statement just pains me on so many levels. I can’t even touch that one.

“When selecting pellet goldfish food, it is important to note that the fact that pellets sink to the bottom of the tank faster than flakes means this type of food could lead to added water pollution. The uneaten pellets decay and create bacteria that could be harmful to your goldfish.”

*AHMG That last sentence killleeeeed meeee.

“The length of fancy goldfish can be anywhere from three to six inches, depending on the particular species.”

*I’m just getting too frustrated for words at this point. Sherbet is already 4.5 inches from head to fin, and she’s still a baby, I don’t know what makes them think that they magically stop when they get to 6 inches. In fact, I have never seen a goldfish that was more than 5 years old and less than 6 inches. (Used to work at an after school care place, they had 2 decade-old goldfish -in 5 gallon tanks- that were at least 6 inches long in body..)

“Fancy goldfish usually swim at the middle area of the fish tank. This is why they have been classified as middle swimmers. When buying a fancy goldfish, make sure you already have, or will soon purchase, several other fish that it can share a tank with. “

*Mine swim all over, but mostly at the bottom, playing in the decorations and chewing gravel, so not sure how they came to this conclusion. Especially since almost every goldfish keeper will recommend only keeping them with other goldfish. Except maybe GFK, but thats because he has a soft spot for minnows.

“Goldfish make the best pets when your children are looking for their first pet. Goldfish pets are great for teaching daily responsibilities, and the time and cost involved in caring for them is very minimal.”

*BS, I spend more on fish supplies than I do on FOOD. Maybe that’s an exaggeration.

“You should have a tank that is at least 10 gallons in size. Make sure that you have filled it with water the day before you go to purchase your goldfish. This will give the minerals and chlorine in the water time to evaporate and the water will be just the right temperature.”

*I just died a little inside.

“To treat fin and tail rot on goldfish you will first need to buy some proper medication specifically used for the treatment of this bacterial infection. “

bad info goldfish care

*Okay, maybe I’m just stupid but I could have sworn fin rot was fungal. If it wasn’t then I don’t understand how I made those other fish better. Maybe I’m magic or something.

“When we go to the beach the salt water helps treat our cuts and scrapes and the same goes for fish. To begin treatment with salt use 1 tablespoon for every 5 gallons of water and heat the temperature of the water up to 80 degrees fahrenheit. Salt can be used to treat a variety of goldfish issues and problems.”

*I guess this one isn’t so so bad, but EIGHTY? I go into panic mode when the tank gets to 80.

“Goldfish pets require a tank that will provide 30 square inches of surface area for every fish that you have in the tank. Because goldfish go to the surface to get oxygen, they must have plenty of room for them to get air.”

*lol, makes them sound like they are whales or something

“Because goldfish are hardy, they make a great first pet for a child. Knowing goldfish care is key to making sure that your goldfish pets are healthy. This includes knowing how to care for the tank.”

*Every goldfish I have had has been anything but hardy. If I so much as sneeze at them they kick the freaking bucket.

bad info goldfish care

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