Fish Photography Tips

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Fish Photography tips for those of you that love taking pictures of your fish

By Kylie

fish photography tips

I like to get good photos of my fish, Photography is my other muse. I’ve been keeping goldfish on and off for the past 25 years. But we’ve only had this lot for about 12 months.I love photography and like fish I have loved taking photos since I was young.

I don’t actually use digital SLR as I have personal concerns with longevity of these cameras. (I do have a film SLR) but I have a FUji FinePix 8000fd that I use for all my digital photography. This camera has all the features of DSLR without actually being SLR if that makes sense? But most point and shoot cameras these days have the ability to get great shots you just have to really practice with all your settings, to see what works and what type of result you like.

My biggest tip to get good shots of your fish is to get the best possible lighting. You need to make sure the room is as light as possible as well as your tank being as light as possible. Day time on a bright sunny day with all your curtains open is best. You also need to turn your flash off. The flash will always produce a dark image. If your camera has a anti shake setting use that too. Also try using ‘sport’ or ‘action’ mode if your camera has it. I find setting my camera to macro, or super macro (usually the setting with the little flower) and putting the lens right up to the glass get the better shots.

Photographing fish

Another thing, my tank doesn’t have a background picture, and is not against a wall, this allows more light into the tank from behind. Even if your tank is up against a wall, taking the background away while taking photos still allows more light into your tank. Oh and perfectly clean glass, inside and out. The human eyes don?t notice fine dirt or smudges but a camera lens does.

Also be patient when it comes to your fish. They’re like taking photos of kids. You need be prepared to take lots of bad shots before you get a good one. If you take the time to watch the fish you start to predict what the might do next and get more unusual shots.
I hope that helps

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