Fix crack in aquarium

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Problem; fix crack in aquarium

by villy4life15

Solution: Fixing it instead of buying a new tank :/

My dad and I have never repaired a tank before so we thought wed step up to the challenge and this is how we did it.

First we really had to clean the tank up before it had been a tank for frogs and so it had a glass divide in it. Luckily it was easy to remove and removing the sediment from the tank was easy enough with a small shovel and spatula (sp?)

Next since the joints on the tank where not that great we decided to re-silicon everything except for the bottom outside of the tank.

We cut the glass so that the new glass would go down the full length and width of the crack plus about an inch on each side. 

I forgot to take pictures of it but we used clamps and weights to make sure the new seals stayed in place and the glass didn’t shift over night. The next day we checked the silicone for visible bubbles and imperfections and all went well.

Cracked aquarium

We tested the tank for a week before we did anything with it. First 1/3 full for three days 2/3 full for 2 days and completely full for a week to make sure the new seal really stayed in place.

The tank set up is two power heads with an under gravel… (sorry Venus lol ) I tried to talk my dad into using pond pump but we had the power heads and most of our experience with goldfish have been with the under gravel filtration system. Ill take some pictures of the finished product tomorrow I just have been putting off putting up the repair for such a long time.

fixing crack in aquarium

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