Good Foods for Goldfish

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by Tuufy

Good foods for goldfish are much better if they have a variety of foods…………..I mean if you have had your fish for more than a week or so you already know that they have different personalities right???

So why do we go out and get fish flakes, crisps, or pellets? Convenience? Because that is what the pet stores offer?

Well here is the deal……………. many of the foodstuffs you have in your home are just as good for the fish as they are for you.

There are also things that you should never EVER feed your fish, but I will get to that later.

OK, here is a list of things your fish may like.

Fresh chopped garlic ( finely chopped)

Healthy goldfish food

De shelled cooked peas, frozen is fine, but not out of a can there is too much salt ( why do we eat them then?)

Cooked spinach, yes Popeye the sailor man knew a thing or two and I think he learned it from the local fish in the dock 😉

Toasted wheatgerm, this needs to be soaked for a couple of minutes so it sinks to the bottom.

Frozen blood worm and/or Frozen brine shrimp, Yeah OK technically you don’t have those in your cupboard but I wanted to list them as the fish love them, if you get the dried kind soak them so they will sink……… but the frozen are best as they are fresher and move more like the real thing as they sink through the water.

Chopped fresh parsley…………………….not all fish like it but a lot do.

Golfish diet

Any green leafy veggies or green leafy salad leaves, not Ice burg lettuce though, it has no real nutritional value for them, or us really.

If you feed your goldfish a mixture of these items you should see an improvement in overall health…………………….and less floating poops!!!

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