Helpful hints to save

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HELPFUL HINTS TO SAVE MONEY on goldfish stuff!

by Tuufy
This list of hints are things some of us have learned the hard way, hopefully you will find them useful and they will help to save you time or money.

1. If needing a fan to help cool your tank water down, do not get an aquarium fan, get a 6″ (or more) personal fan that can clip on to the side of the tank and be directed onto the surface of the water. Aquarium fans give out hardly any movement in comparison and are 3 times more expensive ( I learned the hard way).

Cost goldfish keeping

Helpful hints to save

2. Nursery net, will come in useful if you have a sick fish that needs to be separated from the others but will benefit from being in the main tank (depends on ailment)

3. Tube of tank sealant. Will have many uses, use your imagination but so far I have glued small stones into the plastic bottoms of my fake plants to weigh them down,most fake plants are designed to be in a tropical tank, so they are not weighed down as they expect you to bury the bottom into the gravel. Also about to use it til seal in small rocks in the hole in my ornaments to help weight them down and to stop tank garbage collecting in the hole!!!!

Saving money goldfish

4. Plumbers piping.

If you have bought a tank that is taller rather than longer you may find your pond pump doesnt quite get the movement you desire on the top of the water. Use plumbers pipe of the right gauge, you can cut it to the size you need and bobs your uncle!, your water push flow will do what it needs.

Helpful hints to save
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