Securing sponges to pond pumps

///Securing sponges to pond pumps
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Securing sponges to pond pumps made easy

by TalulahSmall or ailing fish run the risk of being pulled towards the intake of our pond pumps and stuck against the opening. The easiest way to eliminate the risk is to fully secure a sponge over the intake, leaving no gaps.Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to adjoin our sponges. I’ve demonstrated on two of the most common style of pump.The first sort of pump we’re looking at, is the ones that pulls the water in from the bottom:You need a large pieces of flat sponge. At least an inch think. Take a sharp knife and pierce the centre of the sponge. After this, take a pair of scissors and cut the hole to size:

pond pump sponges

I recommend making the hole slightly smaller than the pump and stretching it to fit it over the intake; this way it should be a nice snug fit. As so:As you can see the pumps in take is covered all round.

The other common type of pumps are the ones with an arm that pulls in the water:Some models may already come with a sponge; however many don’t and although they maybe available to purchase it is most likely more cost effective to buy a bulk of aquarium sponge and cut it to size. Take a block of sponge, one that is longer, deeper and wider than the pump arm.

sponge filters

Use a sharp knife and pierce the sponge down the length. You may find it a little tricky the deep the blade penetrates the sponge. Take the scissors, use them to cut and hollow out a the piercing. Make the hole slightly smaller than the pump arm. Once completed the sponge should be like a sleeve:

Slip it over the arm and secure it by doubling over three or four elastic bands, a fraction smaller than needed, near the opening of the sponge. As so:The intake of your pump should now be completely covered.Members articles archives

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