Swim Bladder Disorder

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Swim bladder disorder causes floating issues

by Shadow
In this article I will discuss treatment, causes and prevention of swim bladder disease

My oranda, Choccy, he is currently suffering from Swim bladder disease. Swim bladder disease is most often encountered in fancy, egg-shaped goldfish. The causes of Swim bladder disease can be genetic, bacterial, or a direct affect of the environment

Swim bladder disorder

Feeding dry foods can cause the goldfish to float, as can feeding floating foods. Over-feeding can make the goldfish have digestive issues, which can also effect the Swim bladder. gasping at the surface due to lack of oxygen, or swallowing bubbles from an air stone, taking in air which can get into their intestines is also a cause.

Fish floating

Swim bladder disease can be easily avoided by feeding soaked, sinking foods and feeding vegetables, such as wheat germ, peas, spinach and lettuce regularly.

Swim bladder disorder

It’s best for a goldfish’s health if it is fed a varied diet; this can include flakes, pellets, live foods, freeze-dried foods, and fresh or frozen vegetables. Soak any dry food before you put it in the tank. When a goldfish eats dry food, it can absorb all the moisture from his intestines and cause flotation issues. It’s also a good idea to squeeze any air out of the food so that it sinks.

Swim bladder disorder

Goldfish may ingest air from the surface when eating which can make him more buoyant than he need be. Veggies are very good for goldfish because they help the digestive tract. Often, feeding blanched frozen peas, popped out of the skin can be all that is needed to right a upside down goldfish if the disorder is being caused by digestive issues.

Swim bladder disorder
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