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The level of salt concentration is selected so that it will be toxic to the parasite, but not to the fish. Goldfish are quite salt tolerant for short periods of time. Salt is also effective in treating injuries or infections to the slime coat of our goldfish. The slime coat is the clear, mucous, outer layer of skin on the fish. It is a vital protective outer coating that wards off infection. It covers minor scrapes and bruises so that they can heal more quickly.

Goldfish can fall prey to a host of diseases, both parasitic and bacterial, that reduce the outer mucous layer. This, in turn, makes the fish much more susceptible to secondary infections and illnesses. This is why water quality is very important if your goldfish is infected with ich. Garlic may also be a be a good treatment for ich. I recently acquired a fish with ich. I gave the infected fish a salt bath and treated the main tank with garlic. 8 days later still no signs of ich. But personally I would still go with the salt treatment as it’s tried and tested.

treatment for ich

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