To Catch a Goldfish

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To Catch a Goldfish isn’t easy

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To catch a goldfish is no easy task; the smaller the fish, the more difficult the chase. The best method is the surprise attack. Divert their attention by feeding them, and as they are focused on their dinner they will be caught off guard, and easily captured

How to use a fish net

Small goldfish are really fast, and a fishnet might be necessary to accomplish the feat, however, fishnets have been known to injure goldfish, so once you’ve caught the fish in the net, leave it below the surface of the water, and use an appropriately sized container (free of contaminants) to scoop the net containing the fish. This method will keep the fish in the water at all times, and also keeps it from flopping around or flailing in the net

How to catch a goldfish

Or you can use an appropriate sized plastic container (free of contaminants) to scoop them up without using a net. A third method is simply to use your hands (free of contaminants) by gently scooping the fish up with cupped palms

To catch a goldfish

Be prepared for a little, or more often than not; a lot of resistance

What Not to Do

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