Class C Symptoms

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Class C Symptoms:

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Goldfish has visual sores; Goldfish has missing scales; Goldfish has frayed or torn fins; Goldfish has hole in head or ulcers; Goldfish has warts; Goldfish has ‘cotton like fungus; Goldfish pooh is very light or very dark in color, and stringy; Goldfish has film or mucus on body; Goldfish water is clouded white; Goldfish is flashing; Goldfish is rubbing; Goldfish exhibits sporadical swimming; Goldfish has visual parasites; Goldfish has visual worms

Class C Symptoms

Bad bacteria are everywhere just waiting to get a foothold. The smaller your goldfish house, the bigger the battle. Outdoor ponds have an advantage over indoor tanks because they’re exposed to fresh and moving air; unlike our homes and offices

Class C Symptoms

Bad bacteria or fungus is normally found in goldfish houses with poor water conditions; water that is low in oxygen and too warm. Goldfish and beneficial bacteria prefer the opposite conditions. Unlike bad bacteria that form when conditions are right, external parasites must be introduced into an environment. These bad bugs will never get a foothold in a healthy ecosystem. Read and follow the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Class C Symptoms

Recommend Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy
Warning: If you use salt consistently in your fish house; don’t. Bad bugs quickly build immunity against salt, making it pointless. Salt stresses the organs on freshwater fish, and should only be used as a treatment, tonic or bath

Parasites and bad bacteria are easy to control and eliminate in a healthy goldfish environment

Diagnose symptoms and treat

Class goldfish symptoms

Author: Brenda Rand

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