Class E Symptoms

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Class E Symptoms:

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Goldfish Symptoms: Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish is bottom sitting; Goldfish has no appetite; Goldfish not eating; Goldfish is curled; Goldfish has bent position; Goldfish folded over; Goldfish is crooked; Goldfish is swimming somersaults; Goldfish is swimming in circles; Goldfish appears sunken; Goldfish appears concaved

The symptoms above are most commonly caused by high nitrate levels or reducing nitrate levels too quickly. Nitrates, a toxin found only in a cycled tank or pond are deadly to goldfish and humans alike in high amounts, oxidizing the iron atoms in hemoglobin, reducing oxygen the supply to the blood stream and tissue. This condition is called Methemoglobinemia. Goldfish that have nitrate issues prefer deep water. The added water pressure reduces the pressure caused by nitrates

Similar symptoms are caused by supersaturated gases (concentrated amounts of oxygen) found in tap water
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The preferred maximum nitrate levels are12 ppm

Reduce nitrate levels gradually to reduce the risk of further injury. Goldfish that been injured from nitrates prefer deeper water conditions, so fill your tank or pond to the brim to relieve pressure

Perform small (5%) water changes to keep water table as full as possible

Use cold water from the tap with each water change; gradually lowering temperatures and nitrate levels. Goldfish are less susceptible to high nitrates in colder temperatures because they use less oxygen; 54f to 64 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended during recovery period. This can be accomplished by using colder water with each fresh water change; cranking up the air conditioner; pointing a fan at the tank and placing frozen pop bottles in front of it, or chill some tank water in the fridge; the colder the better

Test for nitrates in tap water

After nitrates are lowered, use this remedy to repair blood cells Mean Green Remedy

Because nitrates rob the blood of oxygen, oxygen levels in the tank or pond water must be increased to improve condition

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Follow the instructions found hereĀ 911 Freshwater Change

Read this article and follow instructions for treatment
Nitrate the Gentle Giant

If you do have high nitrates in your tank all of the fish are being affected; some more sensitive than others

Class goldfish symptoms

Goldfish Distress symptoms

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