Class G Symptoms

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Class G Symptoms:

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Goldfish has raised scales; Goldfish is pine coning; goldfish has diminished appetite

  • Exposure to high water temps or fever caused by infection

Goldfish have no core body temperature, and when the temperatures rise; they are at risk of heat stroke and even death. When goldfish become overheated, the scales lift in an attempt to cool the body. If tank or pond temps are in the comfort zone 65f to 72f, your fish may have infection. Just like humans, and other animals, high temperatures are often the result of infection in goldfish

Goldfish are coldblooded fish, and their body temperature is that of their environment. They can stand temperatures above freezing up to 74f without experiencing discomfort, however, they cannot tolerate high temperatures

Class G Symptoms

Chill tank water in fridge and freezer. Pour all around slowly. Refill and repeat until temps are at 54f. Make some ice cubes from treated water to float in fish house. Set up a fan so that it blows towards the tank, cooling the air around it

Class G Symptoms

Follow these instructions for 911 Freshwater Change in main tank or pond

If you know your fish have not experienced temperatures over 74f, it’s likely infection has caused the fish to pine cone. Make sure you’re fish house water is as good as it can be by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Recommended treatments:  Garlic Remedy rotate with Mint Medley

Do not use salt on fish with raised scales or fish that are bloated

Class goldfish symptoms

Goldfish Distress symptoms

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