Natural Remedies VERSES Meds

Natural Remedies verses Meds no contest

Natural remedies verses meds; hands down, the latter wins almost every time. Our society has been relying on medicines ever since penicillin was discovered, and from there the field has exploded. Medicinal vaccinations once saved our children from the dreaded disease, Polio. From there, other deadly illnesses were practically wiped out due to simple vaccinations. Our society was brain washed early on by the fact, and has become solely dependent on medications ever since

It’s true that these same vaccinations have killed a few, however, the percentage is small by comparison

Today there are drugs for anything and everything that ails you, and sometimes they even work, if they don’t kill you first. We’ve all seen the advertisements on television for these prescriptions, and at the end of the commercials, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the warnings. The risk is real, yet, for some reason, the majority of the masses rely on them for good health. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the world

Have you ever wondered what medicines actually are? Most come from the heart of the rain forest in Brazil, however, chemists have learned how to reproduce and substitute most of these magical qualities found in plants with chemicals. Now they’re able to sell to the masses, instead of the few

Natural remedies verses meds

Our love of the drug doesn’t stop with humans. Our pets are bestowed the same honor. One of the largest industries in the animal kingdom is treatment for pests and parasites. This same courtesy is bestowed to our fish as well. The pet shop shelves are lined with treatments that kill parasites and destroy bad bugs, as well as those that cure dropsy and nitrate poisoning. The list goes on. The only problem; they inadvertently destroy the immunity of the environment as well as the fish, all too often pushing them over the edge

Most sick fish suffer from poor water quality. Add chemicals to sick water, and what you get are sicker or dead fish

The beauty of natural treatments; parasites can be destroyed as the health of the water and the health of the fish is enhanced. The affects of nitrate poisoning can be reduced if not eliminated by oxygenating water and improving the quality of the blood. There are no chemicals that stake that claim; no chemicals that can relieve the affects of burns caused by ammonia poisoning. These are just a few of the ailments out of the hundreds that can be cured by using natural remedies

Natural remedies verses meds

Fact is, there is no disease that cannot be treated successfully with natural substances; even cancer

Medications sold at pet shops are actually dangerous chemicals that can and will destroy the natural environment in our fish houses, but can kill our fish as well. Most diseases are preventable by feeding high quality foods proportionately and by creating an environment rich in minerals with heavily oxygenated water

Natural remedies verses meds

The fish in the photo lives in a poor environment, and after exhibiting symptoms of poor health, it’s owner has used medication that destroys bad bacteria. The pet shop chemicals did destroy the bad bugs, but also destroyed the good bacteria that is responsible for creating the nitrogen cycle. Now the fish is being poisoned by ammonia and nitrite, the goldfish keeper unaware

The best defense for raising healthy fish is to learn everything possible
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Keep it natural, and your fish will thrive

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