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Terms and conditions for goldfish emergency

Terms and conditions vary according to services rendered. We offer a broad scope of services, including diagnosing health issues of freshwater fish, recommending treatment and care of. Gfe offers expert advice on maintenance and set up. Users can help themselves, pay for one on one consultation via email or phone. Links leading to The Organic Fish offer quality remedies that we have developed from many years of trial and error. Packaged and sold by us, the sales help support our website and efforts, however, it takes more than a remedy to cure sick fish. In most cases we will instruct you to change the set up, feeding and maintenance routine, which may involve hard labor and money as well

Our methods are based on years of hands on experience. Our theories are based on keeping goldfish in as natural of an environment as possible, close to the same as their ancestors originated, the rivers of China

The instructions we offer may or may not save your fish or improve its health, but if you follow our lead, your fish will have a fighting chance

We hope you’ll create a post in our blog and we invite you to comment on other posts as well, but we reserve the right to remove or edit your post if it doesn’t fit our standards. Please don’t lead users to other websites that compete with ours. It’s okay to lead users to product links

Enjoy your stay, Venus (owner and administrator)