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Where does your donation go? Ever wonder?

To support our site and our services, but even more important, your donation supports the rescue and care of sick goldfish. Just as is important, it goes to the rescue of lost, stray or abandoned cats

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The owner of this site is dedicated to teaching the art of goldfish keeping using natural methods close to nature, in order to build a healthy ecosystem. She has devoted many years to studying their basic needs and has mastered diagnosing serious and not so serious issues

Goldfish Rescue

Along with saving the lives of goldfish, she is also dedicated to saving the lives of cats. One cat at a time is trapped, taken to a clinic where it is examined, spayed or neutered and treated for parasites or minor ailments. The cat is then placed in a crate for observation. If the cat is feral or deemed unsociable it’s released where it was trapped. If the cat is friendly, it’s placed up for adoption

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where does your donation go

For the love of cats

The cats featured in this book are just some of the cats that have been lucky enough to make it off the streets, and into a home

Cat Rescue

Where does your donation go?

Buy For the Love of Cats ebook     Buy for The Love of Cats paperback book

 Tips on cat behavior….training….socializing street cats….cat care….cat rescue….natural
healthy remedies to promote good a long life….prevent and treat disease and infection

Some of these cats have special needs physically and mentally, but most are healthy, and very well adjusted felines. Some of these cats strayed too far from home, and some were abandoned or neglected by their owners. We may never know their past story, but we can help write a happy ending for most of them

You can also show your support by buying one of our goldfish books

Donate $10 and we’ll send you the ebook, 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping or For the Love of Cats if you let us know your preference

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