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Diseased goldfish are most often infected by sick water

Diseased goldfish are rare in the industry, however, poor water quality also takes the majority of the responsibility. To date; contagious disease has never been diagnosed on our website. Improper water movement and also low mineral value causing serious problems

New goldfish keepers blame these conditions on disease due to bad conditions at the pet shop

Goldfish keeper

Poor feeding habits and improper maintenance are also to blame. The bigger killer is lack of understanding the nitrogen. Most people learn how to care for their new fish after bringing them home; too little too late

New goldfish die from ammonia poisoning or oxygen deprivation

Don’t let this happen to you or your fish. Learn everything you can about keeping your goldfish healthy and happy before you buy them. Avoid the heartbreak of losing a fish due to ignorance

Read the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping.

Sick Goldfish

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Buy the Books Sick Goldfish and reasons why Sick goldfish? There are a many reasons goldfish become ill. The water quality is poor in most cases. Bad bacteria has taken over the environment. Water could have a low carbonate mineral value which affects oxygen levels. Covered aquariums reduce oxygen by cutting off oxygen supply from the surface. Water is oxygenated by method of diffusion. This occurs when moving surface water pulls oxygen from the air above. I Bad bacteria thrive in water low in oxygen Comfort zone for pH is 8 to 8.4 ppm Diseased goldfish If KH is healthy, and your aquarium is uncovered, it's possible the water movement is poor. Goldfish waste produces a harmless gas, carbon dioxide. Co2 takes up space in the water, keeping oxygen from entering. Only a real pond has the capability to eliminate these harmless gases Comfort zone for KH is 120 to 140 ppm Goldfish unhappy New goldfish keepers, even experienced ones may not be aware of the nitrogen cycle. The fish may be exposed to ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. Read and follow to keep their environment safe Read and follow the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping Often overlooked, general hardness (GH) is all important to the health of your fish. A combination of magnesium (two parts) and (one part) calcium, long term health is impossible without healthy levels Goldfish listless TEST GH in tap Comfort zone for GH is 200 to 400 ppm If GH is low in tap, buffering will get to be second nature, and in time, you'll know just how much and when to treat If GH is low, raise by dissolving one tablespoon (per 10 gallons of tank or pond water) of Epsom salt in warm water and then premixing one tablespoon in freshwater; wait for one hour and then test. If still low, pull a gallon of fish water and more Epsom salt according to test result Sick goldfish If your GH is in the comfort zone, your fish could be infected with bad bacteria Refer to: Goldfish Care Step 9: Water Parameters Recommend using Health Tonic Water Boost Back to Diagnose symptoms and treat All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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