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Goldfish curled sideways caused by nitrates poisoning or super saturated gases

Goldfish curled sideways indicates nitrate poisoning or super saturated gases are present. Nitrates, found in every cycled tank or pond is the final toxin to convert in the nitrogen cycle. No goldfish house is safe unless the cycle has completed. Nitrates are safe in low amounts, unlike ammonia and nitrites

Test water regularly. The comfort zone for nitrates is 20 to 40 ppm, although, fish poisoned in the past prefer even lower levels

Nitrates and super saturated gases both rob the blood of oxygen, causing the fish to curl in the final stages. In the beginning stages, fish lose their appetite and sit on the bottom. As nitrates or SSG rise, the fish presses into the substrate trying to find relief. Both are relieved with the pressure deep water provides

Read about both nitrates and SSG by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping. There’s much to learn if you want to be a true goldfish keeper

Goldfish bent

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Goldfish bent to one side indicates nitrate poisoning Buy the book Goldfish bent or in a curled position are suffering from nitrate poisoning. Nitrates destroy the blood cells causing extreme pressure and pain. In most cases, the goldfish keeper performs a large water change which worsens the condition. Goldfish in water with high nitrates need deep water, and removing too much at one time reduces the water pressure, increasing the pressure in the body. Even worse, some keepers move the fish into a hospital tank after noticing it's not behavior. These hospital tanks are typically shallow, and low in oxygen due to bubblers or air pumps Goldfish curled sideways Goldfish suffering from nitrate issues require water that is deep and water that is rich in oxygen. In most cases, fish may succumb to nitrate poisoning due to the fact the water is low in oxygen. Getting the blood oxygenated is the key to recovery Goldfish not eating If your goldfish folded over has been poisoned by nitrates, exchange only 5% of tank or pond water every half hour to reduce levels gradually and safely. This method of exchanging water also keeps the water table high Goldfish bent Even the healthiest goldfish need water that is rich in mineral value and oxygen, but if your fish has experienced high nitrates or any level of nitrite, it will need these conditions even more. Don't settle for parameters that are in the comfort zone; reach for the top. Most goldfish keepers are unaware of the conditions that goldfish require; cold and fast moving water Goldfish bent sideways Water is oxygenated by the diffusion method. This is when the surface absorbs oxygen from the air above it. If your aquarium has a top on it, remove it. Install a pond pump in your aquarium. They come in all sizes. No other HOB filter or canister is capable of clearing a body of water. Gases created from waste take up space, keeping oxygen from entering Test pH; made up of oxygen and KH. Comfort zone for KH is 100 to 140 ppm. Buffer KH to high end of the zone for optimum benefit. If pH is still low, water is low in oxygen Goldfish may experience nitrate shock when moved from water high in nitrates to water low in nitrates and vice versa Test for nitrates. Comfort zone is 20 to 40 ppm, but goldfish suffering from nitrate issues past or present may prefer lower levels; 5 to 10 ppm being super sensitive Perform 911 Water Change to reduce nitrate levels Refer to: Learn about nitrates and the dangers Recommend: Mean Green Remedy Back to symptoms and ailments All rights Author: Brenda Rand

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