Continuing treatment of Fortune

We have been treating Fortune since April 13, 2017, when the fish was being sucked on by a Pleco that has since been rehomed. We have changed all things in the tank to optimal set-up, we have changed our water changing schedule and methods, we have done every possible treatment including two weeks in a Nitrate Chamber. The fish would alternate swimming and laying on its side before our move 6/30/2017. I think our move to a new house further injured it because now it spends all it’s time laying on its side. It eats, the water parameters are healthy. I think this is a physical injury we are dealing with. I have tried attaching a photo of beginning treatment as well as one taken today, 8/9/17 The water is yellow because we are in the middle of a garlic treatment. However, the pictures are too big and I don’t have time to resize them, my baby is awake. I will email you.


Any suggestions?